Shambhalove ♥

Note: This post was prompted by Cassandra Romashenko asking for people to define “Shambhalove” in their own words for a paper she’s writing.

I’m not so naive as to think that I came up with the word “Shambhalove” – it’s hard to say at what point it originated. Like all good ideas one comes up with, someone has probably thought of it before you, or will after you. Or perhaps even simultaneously.

But the word did pop into my head in the line-up on the side of the highway the night before the gates opened in 2004. And at that point, I had never heard anyone else say it.

The 2004 Lineup - Where it hit me.

I remember being pulled off to the side of the road with my fellow Grand Forkians, laying on a blanket in the dirt, staring up at the stars, and buzzing with excitement. I felt so overwhelmed, so joyful, so grateful for life, and just…content. My heart felt so full – like it might burst at any moment. And the only word that seemed to rightly describe how I felt was “Shambhalove.” And in that moment, I made it my mission to “Spread the Shambhalove,” I was feeling.

On my Shambhala journey that year, I made a conscious effort to share it with everyone I met, and encouraged them to “spread the Shambhalove” themselves. And walking down the pathways with friends, we’d spontaneously yell “SHAMBHALOVE!” at the tops of our lungs.

A big sweaty mass of Shambhalove

And after the show, I continued to use the term on the forums, where it became (and remains) a very popular term.

I think, after 2004, it took about a year or two for it to become a common word you’d hear at the Festival.

And, like I said, I probably wasn’t the one who “came up with it”. But I like to think I had a little bit to do with the popularization of the word. 🙂 And I know I had help spreading it – likely from both the people I passed it on to, and someone out there who had the same great idea as me.

Point is – I’m happy it caught on. It’s one of those words that instantly conjures up a certain feeling inside you – something we all can relate to.

Hatiras + Co spreading the LOVE!

It’s that feeling of openness. Of acceptance. Of community. The unity that can only come when you’re on a dancefloor with 1000s of other people, all connected by the same beat. It’s something really special we’ve got, and it needed it’s own hybrid word to really define it.

And even if we can’t all agree on what Shambhalove IS in the form of a standard definition, we all know in our heart what it MEANS and what it feels like.

Peace & Shambhalove. ♥


What it's all about. ❤

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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12 Responses to Shambhalove ♥

  1. vivian says:

    britz you probably did come up with shabhalalove. and i wouldnt say you are naive to think so.

  2. Mitch Currie says:

    In all honesty, reading this made my day. I agree so completely with the idea that a new word was needed to describe the emotion felt during such a beautiful time. Its such a feeling, beyond content, acceptance, and even love. I had never felt that way before in my life. I never knew that you could walk right up to a group of people you don’t even know, and have them love you unconditionally. I experienced a massive group hug this year, in the middle of the road, and people came from all around to get in on it. Incredibly funny, and so beautiful. I hope everyone can take a bit of Shambhalove home with them, let it grow, and then bring it back to share with thousands. Thanks so much for posting this Britz. A gorgeous piece of writing, and I hope it lightens up someone else’s day like it did for me.

  3. ScorpiusBlue says:

    spreading the Shambhalove ❤ HUGS to all ❤

  4. Autumn says:

    B, I love you… and I love what you wrote.

  5. larryobrian says:

    I been visiting the koots since 1999 and heard about shambhalove in mid 200os. I was drawn to this festival and its message of love . Would see people in Nelson in July heading out to the farm to help out and so friendly and loving inviting me see it. Being form a Penticostal church background, this went against my faith or did it? People were so kind and nonjudgmental who had been there and told me to come .Finally after 4 years of trying to decide , I went and I have never looked back on it. I cant explain it, my Nelson mentors and their friends guided me and watched over me there., while I was . They were half my age. And this middle age man hitting 50 experienced Shambhalove. I experienced a slice of heaven on the farm . I am better human being because of it and it has impacted me in all areas of my life. This summer I was able to help out there and give something back.
    Thank you Brittany, Autumn and your beautiful tribe and friends for making it happen, so I could make Shambhalove apart of who I am all year long. I love you all Gbu and namaste for this gift you have given me:)


  7. JEfferson Starship says:

    As a festival virgin this year, I had the absolute pleasure to be brought to Shambhala this past August after a season of Tree Planting (also for my first time). “Shambhalove” was all around me, and it didn’t take too long to figure out what it was. As hard as it may be to describe to other people, this music video I came across by Booka Shade may best illustrate it. Watch the entire thing… and tell me if you agree: Isn’t what you see at 3:17 onwards, what literally happens to the planet after the people of Shambhala (and Shambhalove) leave Salmo? I think so.

    *giant hug*

  8. JEfferson Starship says:

    forgot to post the link 😛

    *Booka Shade – Teenage Spaceman video comp. winner … in case you have to youtube it yourself.

  9. Jojie says:

    Aw, love. Life just isn’t the same without it. Some people are really missing out! I ❤ you shambhala and all your people!

  10. Lynda 'Witchy' says:

    I’m probably what you would term as ‘old’…I don’t feel any older than I did at 16 and first heard the song Shambhala…and as it was all mixed in with our Peace Love & Ban The Bomb-Make Love not War.. Hippiedom. I could not for the life of me tell you if anyone ever said Shambhalove!! But you go for it and enjoy..I did and still do ;0) Although apparently what I wear now is ‘BoHo Chic’ !! Oky Doky then, doesn’t make any difference to me, one of the original Hippies born & bred in England!! My youngest now comes to your Shambhala yearly! She’s carrying on the tradition…

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