What Matters to YOU?

So I just came back from a little photo shoot with the local papers for Shambhala’s donation to the Kootenay Lake Outdoor Skate Park Society (KLOSPS). I’m going to get into more detail about the Skate Park project and our donation tomorrow. But for now I’m going to leave you with a couple pictures and pose a question to you. 🙂

What matters to you in your community? Is there a cause you believe in and advocate for or donate to? Why is it important to you?

Shambhala/KLOSPS group photo 🙂

Hoola Hoop & Rob Lavesque (KLOSPS)

Until tomorrow!



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1 Response to What Matters to YOU?

  1. Jay W says:

    IMHO, this is a wonderful gift to the skateboarders of Nelson and the whole community at large. Thank you! How we do not have a skate park already is a mystery to me. I’ve heard lots about liability and appropriateness and suitability ‘issues’ by so called adults and governing bodies, in the local press, over the last few years. I hear little about doing right by our youth though. It also pains me to see the partial nature of the plea submitted by the KLOSPS to an insurance company (applying for this project’s funding) wherein it plays on and characterises skaters as “hard to reach youth, kids that do not fit in and tend to not participate in organized sports.”. Do we really have to go there to make the point that this is needed?
    I’ll make my vote for this project anyhow because it is about my community, it is real, and (it has been said before) the youth are our future. Don’t deny them something so simple and enjoyable. Period.
    Sorry ’bout the rant. Go Dance, make music, and love.

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