Winter + Shambhaliterature

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since our last update. As you’d expect, fall/winter are a little bit of a slower time of year for us. Less people working in the office, and all in separate parts of it. We have the first of our major 2011 planning meetings scheduled for the first week of December, so until then, we’re doing stuff like updating documents for next year, and all that kind of exciting stuff. Yeah. Really not much to write about. 😉

All of you are definitely keeping our ticket administrator busy, though! At just over a month in, 2011 ticket sales are 28% sold out. It had slowed down quite a bit, but then over the weekend there were 70 sales out of nowhere. People ordering Christmas presents perhaps? 🙂

outside office yesterday!

If you are planning to order a ticket for a loved one for Christmas, by the way, you may want to consider doing it soon.  Orders ship on Tuesdays, and you’ll want to allow yourself 2 weeks for shipping. And you know how crazy Canada Post gets around this time of year.

Winter arrived all at once here in Nelson, yesterday. We got 5-6 inches overnight, making it the most impressive first snowfall I can remember in

our office mascot, Oscar

my 5 years living in here. Nowhere near the cold temperatures and amount of snow our friends in Alberta have so far, but impressive for Nelson, none the less. And even though I’m not really one for cold weather, it does feel good to be bundled up. I’ve been wearing my toque in the office all day.

We really don’t have it that bad, though. I’m happy I live in Canada, where we prepare for snow and winter. Check out this video a friend of mine posted of the chaos that ensues in Seattle when they get snow:

Yikes. Mind you, something similar did happen to a bus in Uphill Nelson yesterday – but nothing to that extent.

Snow aside, let’s move on to Shambhaliterature. Shambhala inspires us all in different ways. I’d guess that a lot of people probably write poems, songs, and stories inspired by their experiences at Shambhala. I wrote a song about Shambhala once upon a time that I performed to open Main Stage a couple years in a row (06/07 maybe? After a while you lose track of what happened which year…).

Anyway, Tori Rutledge sent us a short poem that I wanted to share with you. And it got me to wondering how much Shambhaliterature is out there. If you like, you can send your work to us at, and perhaps we’ll feature it here. 🙂

Oh, and if you want to send in a picture for the Shambhala “Picture of the Week”, you can send it to that address as well.



Tori Rutledge

Blur the line between dream and reality.

Watch Fractal Fairies dance, as the river runs green with the blood of the glowstick.

As your heart beats in sync with the heart of the forest,

Let the door to nowhere lead you to somewhere where your soul and spirit fly high,

To a place where dreams are realities, and realities are dreams.

Photo by Andy Snophish

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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1 Response to Winter + Shambhaliterature

  1. you’re so cute
    being all cold n stuff
    the humidity wrecks me here, i’m from someplace thats a consistent -30 and colder for a good 6 months
    but here the wetness of the cold cuts to my coooore
    but at least NWT drivers are used to this business
    keep afe warm and blogging along lady
    gives me something to do, internet wise

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