Vote for the Nelson Skatepark – FINAL ROUND!

Ladies & gentlemen, citizens of Shambhala, lend me your ears —- and your mouse-clicking fingers.

As you may recall from our “What Matters to You Part 2” blog post, we’re passionate about Nelson’s outdoor skate park project, and that the project is currently in a ‘competition’ of sorts to receive funding (possibly up to $100,000) from the Aviva Community Fund.

Shambhala Donates $10,000 to KLOSPS, Oct 2010

What sort of competition? A competition to get the most votes.

We’ve finally reached the last round of voting. It began yesterday, and ends on December 15th. In that time, you get 10 votes.

And I think we really have a chance – but we’re also competing against projects that have a higher population base to draw votes from.

That’s where you come in.¬†We’d like to ask for the help of our Shambhala community.

In order to qualify for funding in this final round, we need to place in the top 10. And the competition is going to be tough this time ’round. We started out this morning in 15th place, and we’re now holding on to 11th but with close contenders for that spot. We’re also on the heels of the current 10th place contender.

This project has been 10 years in the works, and they have only 10% of the funding needed to break ground on it. Winning a grant from the Aviva Community Fund would help things along immensely.

Click! Click! That's all you have to do!

It takes about 2 minutes to sign up, intially. We’ll be posting the link to the voting page every day in this round. Once you’ve registered, it’s a simple 2 clicks to vote – once on the link from the Shambhala page, and then once on the “Vote” button. It takes about 30 seconds total to submit a vote. By default, the site keeps you signed in. It really is just 2 clicks.

So please – help us win this. Making this a reality will have such a positive impact on our community. Just another way of spreading your Shambhalove far & wide.

Thank you for reading this, and double thank you for voting!


And on an unrelated note…

THANK YOU for all your kind words to Grandma on her birthday yesterday. I received this message from her son, Michel:

“Thank you so much Britz. You moved grandma (and I) to tears with you kind words…. The comments generated from your post were outstanding. WOW! So much love for Grandma… take care and thanks again.”

So much LOVE!

Hugged by Grandma!

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1 Response to Vote for the Nelson Skatepark – FINAL ROUND!

  1. Nakca says:

    You are loved and wonderful! Thanks for all you do and inspire!

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