A message from Grandma + A Poem

From left; Dini & baby Charli (Shambhala 09 Volunteers) with Grandma

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent well wishes to Grandma via the Shambhala FB page on Thursday. It meant so much to her. 🙂 She posted this message on our FB wall:

“Dear Britz, thank you for what you post on the site of shambh. Can you imagine my surprise when i see that morning of my birthday. You bring me back in august whit my shambh family. Now i realize how much love we find on that festival. Say hello to all the people working whit you Specially a little wink to Nikki for all the nice thing she post on my family. Lots of love and a very BIG BIG HUG for all of you.” – Therese LeBeau (aka Grandma)

Thank you, Grandma, for being a constant inspiration of Shambhalove! over the past few years. You are truly an important part of the festival, and part of our unique Shambhala culture. Our very own Shambhalebrity!

Another thing I wanted to share today is a poem sent in by Kirk Ramdath that I thought was pretty cool.

friday night at shambhala by Kirk Ramdath
we dance under a canopy of stars
on a cool august night in the forest
a fairytale annotated by drops of bass
that fall on our heads like rain
until bodies are sweaty from so much sound
and moving like a pulse to the music
even the lights hanging in the trees
are dancing with the leaves
we dance together, you and i
with a thousand bodies throwing down
this is no slow dance
dirty dubstep moves our limbs
not with grace but groove and thrust
the first time i have danced with you —
the first chance i’ve had to see you dance
after not too long
the pumping bass takes second place
to the mesmerising sight of you
dancing like you are the moon
and the music is but an ocean
that follows the movement of your body
across the sky
i offer you water
you drink and say thank you
i say you are welcome
but what i want to tell you
is that the sun has no need to thank the day
nor has the moon a need to thank the night
and tonight you must be a child of the moon
because you shimmer when you dance
with a cosmic light that rules the night

Fractal Stargate by Nathan Sanche


About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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3 Responses to A message from Grandma + A Poem

  1. Anthony says:

    Great post
    Love the poem, too

    “i offer you water
    you drink and say thank you”
    great way to make new friends haha–only Shambhala!

  2. Graham says:

    That poem just gave me mad butterflies!!
    very nice work, it truly “is all about the (beautiful) people on the dance floor”
    ^^i think this could be included in the slogan.. just sayin 😀

  3. BAT girl!! says:

    awesome poem!!

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