Happy Monday! :)

Hello folks! Here’s a couple little tidbits to perk up your Monday…a poem, some pictures, and some music. Enjoy!

Shambhazens Zabrina & Chris pose for an epic photo, Shambhala 2010. Photo by Novus Photography

Inspired by love

For days and days, we dream of the ways
With friends made new, and old ones too
Through tree and bush, we slowly push
We follow the sound, that’s shaking the ground
To answer a call, a family to all
A city of stages, built up through the ages
Through the heat and the sun, feel beats of the drum
In the cold of the night, just follow the light
And trust in the crowd, we all like it loud
No better place, for all creed or race
In our mountain city, there’s only one pity:
From magic and wonder, we return to the blunder
And for days and days, we’ll dream of the ways
to find our Shambhala. ~ Ben Giddings

Photo submitted by Christina Masters


Recently we asked you to send in photos of your favourite Shambhala moments! Christina sent in this awesomely surreal photo of the Fractal Forest, along with a ton of other great photos. Keep your pics coming, Shambhalovlies! Send to: info@shambhalamusicfestival.com

Speaking of the Forest, need a little something to bring you back in these dreary winter months? Click the link to download Freddy J @ the Fractal Forest, Shambhala 2010.

Photo submitted by Dave Gallop

About the photo above: “This was a total winner… We were downriver quite a bit and a couple of our buddies set up this shot. Told us to line up for a pic, when we were ready, one of them did a flying leap from the beach in front of us, which lead to this pic… Hilarious facial expressions, awesome times!” – Dave GallopDon’t forget to check out our past couple blog posts!

A message from our Production Manager

We need YOU, Shambhalovlies!

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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