Preserving the Farm & 2011 Parking Changes

blog by Mike Brewer, Shambhala Site Logistics Coordinator

For five magical mountain days every year, we gather and we celebrate.  We celebrate with our goodness, our love, our respect and our community.

Then, when it’s over we head home, and the Salmo River Ranch goes back to being a peaceful farm in a quiet Kootenay valley. One of the biggest challenges we face every year is trying to make sure that when the festival is done, the farm can go back to its regular routine and the cows can go back to their grazing.

Across British Columbia, only 5.0% of the land is usable agricultural land and an even smaller portion, only 1.1% of the province, is considered to be prime farm land. In 1973 the provincial government formed a commission to protect the limited amount of farm land, and Agricultural Land Reserves (ALRs) were identified.

The Salmo River Ranch where Shambhala takes place every year lies inside one of these areas and all of us, as Shambhazens, have a responsibility to help preserve this land.

As the festival has grown from 500 people gathering for a weekend party to 10,000 people forming the largest city in the West Kootenays for a week in the summer, the impact that we are having on the land has grown as well.

less cars = healthier soil

Despite people’s best intentions cars compact the soil and garbage gets left behind. Every year it gets a bit harder to restore the farm to its pristine condition. In recent years the Agricultural Land Commission has expressed concern that the amount of soil compaction* on the farm has become significant enough that mitigation measures need to start being implemented.

[*Soil compaction occurs when heavy traffic compresses the soil, causing it to lose pore space. Affected soils become less able to absorb rainfall, thus increasing runoff and erosion. Plants have difficulty in compacted soil because the mineral grains are pressed together, leaving little space for air and water, which are essential for root growth. Compaction of agricultural soils is a concern to many agricultural soil scientists and farmers, since soil compaction due to heavy field traffic may reduce plant growth.]

This year, to help preserve the farm land, the free parking for people that choose to camp in the car-free zone (now called Metta) will be moved to a new location, outside of the ALR.

photo by Leah Gair

You’ll still be able to drive down as far as the Drop Zone to unload all of your camping supplies before returning back to the long term parking and there will be shuttles running between the parking and the camping areas as well. The more people who choose to leave their cars in the long term parking, the less impact we’ll have on the farm land and the more prime camping spaces will be available for everyone to use.

For people that still want to camp with their cars in the Sunshine (“Overflow”), Starlight or Jersey Camp Zones (the fields on either side of the main road, Starlight being the larger area) there will be a small fee to help offset the costs of the remediation work that takes place once the festival is over.

The parking fee will be $40 for the areas closest to the Downtown area (Starlight & Jersey) and $20 for the North field (Sunshine).

The fees are double for RVs and oversized vehicles because of the extra space they take and impact they have. Parking Fees are mandatory for vehicles this size, as our parking lot is not within the festival camping boundaries.

Sunshine Camp Starlight Camp Metta Camp
Up to 7 Passenger Vehicle $20 $40 N / A
RV / Bus / Oversize (8+) $40 $80 N / A
No Vehicle / Park in Free Parking Lot FREE! FREE! FREE!

You can camp in ANY of our 3 camp zones for FREE if you choose to leave your car in the parking lot.

If we all do our part to lessen our impact on the land, it will help ensure that the Salmo River Ranch stays green and healthy for years to come. Anything we can do to reduce the number of cars will help not only the farm, but the environment as well. Fewer cars on the road means less pollution being pumped into the atmosphere.

Consider carpooling with friends or check out pages that are available on facebook or sites like Road trips are a great opportunity to have a blast with old friends, make new ones and do your part to help reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Thank you for joining us on our journey toward making Shambhala a greener festival and preserving the beautiful farm land the festival is held on.

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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49 Responses to Preserving the Farm & 2011 Parking Changes

  1. loveeee says:

    hopefully there will be security at the cars….

  2. Nick cook says:

    Someone needs to put up a Map and lable it with the updated priceing.

  3. Alexander J Martin says:

    In order to keep the best party on the planet going I have no problem with a $20.00 fee. Over the last three years my wife, and I have accumulated a lot of gear for a comfortable and clean camp. As long as I can get into the sunshine lot with my truck, it is well worth the money. Thanks for the heads up, camp SNUFFLEUPAGUS sending our love, and best wishes to all the staff at Shambhala. 🙂

  4. nadia says:

    I’m definitely on the support side for anything like this. It’s unfortunate that (which I’m sure you fully realize this) there are going to be many who will be upset about any extra charges. I say don’t let the nah sayers get you down. It’ll just sift out the festival goers that might not be respectful to the fact that this is a farm and a home before all else.

    Love you Shambhala and all your lovely people in the background! You do what you gotta do to keep your land safe and this festival what it is and always should be! 🙂

  5. Map is coming! Our map maker will have one ready for our 2011 website launch. Thanks for your patience and support everyone.

    Shambs office crew + the fam love you. ❤

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  7. eArThsfc says:

    This is a wonderful idea. Each and every festival attendee must respect the Salmo River Ranch because the grounds are home to such a diverse ecosystem. With out repescting the land and mother nature the festival would not exist. Everyone needs to do their part.

  8. Duane Rozak says:

    Been coming to this event for many years now, the ticket prices have more then doubled early early bird used to be $90 plus I already paid the $40 for early entry that is now $50 those were additional camping fees but to ask for 40-80 for prime real estate well it shows me that shambhala is not corporate sponsored because it has in itself become a corporation. Fences, Id checks it has gotten out of hand and the original feeling shamb brought me and many of my friends has lessened so greatly that we don’t even know if we will be back

  9. David Connors says:

    I Have no problem with paying extra for parking , over the years i myself have had concerns for the farms recovery im glad this extra money will be going to making sure the farm stays healthy for many more years to come 🙂

  10. Jason says:

    I have been going o this “festival” for the last 9 years this would have been the 10th but due to the cash grabs and way over priced everything and the amount of drug addicts and the complete loss of 90% of the real good natured people that started this festival are gone we to are going to be a part of the 90% of the good people and leave this gross place behind.last year we found a new festival that is like sham was maybe 7 years ago and that is where we will be this year.
    I also cannot believe the people at sham are using the alr to bring in more money.I work for ALC BC and its our job to keep the lands in natural conditions as much as possible but for you guys this is just about the parked on land for 5 days in places where tractors are running all spring in summer and fall ?The math says these fees will bring in $50,000 plus because you know most people wont leave the cars in the free auto theft section.
    what are the plans with that money ? buy a new tractor to add more pollution to the fields and pack the ground down more with tractors the far out weigh the average car ?
    Please stop lying to people about things that just are not true for monitory have lost the respect from the people that truly care about the earth by lying and using false save the earth excuses to make another dollar.

    • Corrine Zawaduk says:

      Hello Jason. Unfortunately we have had to make changes to our plans due to our interaction with the ALC. They have inspected the site and have requested that we manage the soil compaction in the highest quality fields, which is where we camp everyone. The tractor only tills the field in the spring. We take 2 crops off of the fields for hay. So the compaction due to regular farming work is not significant. What we have noticed over the years is the declining yields off of the Sunshine Lot. The ALC has asked us for a comprehensive plan to deal with soil compaction. We are responding by hiring a soil scientist and coming up with long term plans to deal with the cars. I take issue with you calling us a lier. I wish it wasn’t so, but we have the official letters from the ALC. I encourage you to dig a little deeper into your own organization before you start to sling mud. It is not only unprofessional, it is slanderous. The farm is my family home. Respecting the land is integral to the livelihood of my family. We are farmers who needed to make other income to continue to farm our land. It is sad that in this country our farmers are considered lower class citizens who cannot make enough money off of food production. The fertile land gets eaten away be developers. We are working hard to keep our farm alive and to maintain the integrity of the farm over the long term. This festival may not last forever, but I would like to continue to call it home. As we have grown, our standards have had to adapt. We have had to meet municipal levels of service on our 500 acre property. It is not cheap. We are not millionaires because of it. We live here in the community. If you take issue with us, call us, talk to us, ask us before you paint me, my family, and our working crew with mean words. I love the land, I love the festival, and I have the longevity of this community in every decision we make. We operate without government funding, without assistance and we contribute a great deal. It is a tough job, but the reward is in the community that we and the participants create. Shambhala is about the people dancing together under the stars. Let’s keep the land in a state where we keep that place to dance. We want less impact, and hopefully this will encourage others to carpool and think about their footprint. Think about the full picture before coming to conclusions.

      • Kathtitao says:

        Well said Corrine. I would love to have the privilege to meet you when I attend Shambhala again this year. And hopefully with many many of my friends from around the world. These friends have seen much and they will spread the word even further about the good you and your family is doing.
        What you are responding to and with facts is certainly a reflection of the high integrity of how your festival does business. And with that – SUSTAINABILITY!!!!!!!
        You have my vote again!!! Keep Shambhala going for the beauty it brings to global citizens. Thank you for educating those who need to and you have displayed amazing treasure of love, warmth and grace.
        I admired but am now your fan.

      • emma-lee says:

        wow. i really admire the passion & dedication of the people who work for this festival.

        i’ve been to lots of events throughout north america, though Shambhala is dearest to my heart and the one I’ve been attending the longest.

        i can tell you – not one other event I’ve been to, would the management bother to comment on the responses to changes they’re introducing.

        in fact, can you think of any other event, or company, that gives their fans/customers the time and dedication that Shambhala does? Look at their FB fan page. i ask a question on there, and within a day or so, it’s answered. sometimes by fellow Shambhalites, but mostly by Shambhala Music Festival. amazing!

        Thanks, Corrine, for taking the time to clarify your position for us. You guys really do go above and beyond.

        I for one, am with you 100%. I’ve been going for 9 years, this is my 10th. I think I’m going to put in a volunteer application to become a Shambassador – I want to give back in thanks for all that you do for us.

      • R McNeil says:

        Man that soil compaction problem sounds like it mite spell the end for your beloved scam-bhala. I would like to help no I feel compelled to help. You start by hooking an air ratting wheel to one of your new pick up trucks, and tow it around the field in question for a few hours. You could use the same thinking as the driveway ,and claim you re working on it even charge money to pay for all the studies. The driveway has not changed in the ten year I have been coming out there just like the dj ‘ s keep telling people it impossible. I don’t think you should worry about the hay field if it was alfalfa thats a different story . I predict yo wont have to drive up and down . Not spending any money on the site or dj ,s must really make the money pore in ,and don’t forget the all important farm tax credit Four or five years from now after denying that the family would ever sell you ll do a back room deal. Making people wait in a twenty hour line up for no reason every year shows just how poorly scam-bhala is managed . Please sell

      • Corrine Zawaduk says:

        Thanks for the suggestions. We have bought an aerator and have as a part of our management plan to aerate twice a year. We are scheduled this week to aerate, perhaps I should send you a picture.
        The driveways changes every year. We now have two lanes in both direction. Much equipment work this fall and this spring. We intend to get all the rough spots smoothed out. The festival itself creates lots of potholes that need maintenance every year. My family works on it each and every year. Look at my other blog post for photos from the work this year. You are incorrect when you say it has not changed. There is a good month or two of work that goes into it every year.
        The fields are a mix of hay that we feed our cattle and alfalfa, which is the major crop for us. We sell most of the alfalfa as square bales. I have pictures of our crew picking them up off the field last year just before the people came rolling in. We spend a lot on the farm, it is our home and we continue to farm it. It is our family home and our family business. We aren’t going anywhere! McNeil, you are way off base!!

  11. Angela says:

    What is the name of this new festival you have found? Please share with someone who is also looking for somewhere else.

  12. Carissa says:

    I want to know where that money will be going. You want to charge us extra to preserve the land? Then why not just ban everybody from parking there if you’re THAT concerned? This is getting out of hand and out of the price range of people who LOVE the festival. With the tickets prices being raised 10 bucks every year, and the only changes I have seen is the fence, I want to know where THIS money will be going. What do you plan to do with the said 50 grand that you guys will be getting from this? My early entry fee, ticket costs, and parking fee for me and my boyfriend add up to $640 bucks… more than half a grand. Do you guys realize this? and it’s the same number of people attending this year from last year? Since I already bought my ticket. This will be my third year, and I will go, but next year i’m attending another party. Possibly the one shown above. Because Shambhala used to be beautiful for me, and now it’s just getting uglier and uglier. Announcing stuff like this AFTER people have bought their tickets? REALLY? I know I can sell my tickets, and I’ll put some consideration into it, but I won’t get what I paid for them. As far as i’m concerned this is ridiculous, and I won’t be attending another year. Shambhala is money hungry, that’s all there is to it.

    • Jason says:

      It’s funny how they keep saying it’s the cost of running the show.It’s the cost or making more money and that is the bottom line.Sure money needs to be made but like it was just mentioned.You people keep making changes after you have sold 1000’s of tickets knowing full well your just being pricks.You have from August till October to mention screwing people before selling them tickets not after and that shows the type of people running the show.Its also really nice to see that by raising prices of everything so high that your forcing the normal people out of the show and calling the dealers in.That is the way it is like it or not.
      Is the parking fee from us who would pay for it going to pay for security to watch the cars of those who do not want to pay and park in the free section ? (because last year lots of cars were broken into in the parking area)or is it going to pay for the repair of the grounds that get used by the people that have paid their fee in the cost of the ticket ?
      “Hey,lets get them to pay for parking because we know they all cant walk ! FREE MONEY”

  13. Reno says:

    Its already very expensive to travel the 1000 miles to come to this event. This at one time was one of those events that I convinced my friends that the ticket prices were still low and the diversity of music was still great. The wonderful people who come to this event make it worth the effort to travel so far for such an event. But Major increases in payment to a festival as the world around it seems to be tightening its financial belt seems a little silly. Might just have to skip this event. 😦

    • Jason says:

      Another good point.As everyone is having a hard time making it,The people at this festival named after a place of peace take pride in raping peoples wallets.

      Shambhala people.Why do you feel that the name Shambhala should still be used when this is just a huge drug hangout/Rave that likes to take advantage of people.It’s kinda like a guy hearing a woman saying yes when shes really saying no.Its just wrong. Kind of off topic but i was curious.Name should be “We dont like you just bring money”

  14. owen says:

    idk seems like a cash grab to me…

  15. robert says:

    all i can say is if your worried about the land, maybe get more outhouses out there this year, gawd that was disgusting.

  16. robert says:

    Id like to know where the money is goin…

  17. Kathtitao says:

    I normally do not like to comment. But I am so agitated by comments. Feel the need to share perspectives.
    Been to many festivals AROUND the world, saddened to hear comments by some above on the parking charges to discourage cars on the land. What a brilliant move Shambhala!!! Pay as you use. Give the choice, respect the response. Encourage car pooling. $20 for 4-5 days of parking?That is nothing!!! Don’t want to pay? park further away. There is a choice.
    Canada should be proud of a beautiful festival like this. Certainly it has been underground too long. I can tell you that the vibe in Sham is amazing and honest. 6 stages, 22 hours of music a day, on private land. deep in the Koots. There is nothing like it. Mists in the morning, suntan in the day, body heat in the night, tight security, doctors on standby(wow!), grandma hugs, provision of water for those who bring containers for those who can’t hack it, sanctuary for those can’t handle it, showers even for those who really can’t hack it!!! 🙂 No alcohol ( very brave not to earn this big ticket item), terribly intense searches for bad stuff ( but I like it). Respecting choices and the individuals who make them. What grace.
    I learnt that Shambhala limited tickets to 10,000 even when the place can handle much more. As a businesswoman, I totally respect that! OMG. Shambhala, you DO NOT have to explain what you do with the money, it is a rare business with vibe!!! Its’ your land, its your business but you are so gracious to share the beauty.
    For those who really understand it, I salute the wisdom. Just wish forums like this are not used to throw such negative energy by some. The world certainly does not need this. Thats why I go to Shambhala and now I tell my friends from around the world to come experience. Many around the world are looking for exactly this gem. Keep being who you are!!!! You are a responsible Canadian business and should be proud of the treasure!!!!

  18. emma-lee says:

    Good move Shambhala! Less cars on the farm = more space to camp! Thank you for your dedication to constantly improving the event! We appreciate it! Well, most of us anyway.

    And really, folks – if you absolutely can’t separate yourself from your car, what’s $20-$40? Carpool, bring a friend or two. You can split the cost.

    ❤ The Salmo River Ranch. My 2nd home for 9 years.

  19. Anthony Hill says:

    I’ve been doing some calculating. Using average figures I have come up with the following:
    The average weight of a cow is 2000 lbs.
    The approx. size of a cow’s hoof is about 6″x4″= .165 sq.ft. x 4 = .66 sq.ft.
    The pressure on the ground is: 2000 divided by .66 = 3030 lb/sq.ft.

    The average weight of a car is 3000 lb
    the approx. size of the tire area on the ground is 8″ x 6″ = .33 sq.ft. x 4 =1.32 sq.ft.
    The pressure on the ground is: 3000 divided by 1.32 = 2273lb/sq.ft.

    From this I conclude that cows exert more pressure on the ground than cars do and therefore create more compaction.
    I wonder if the Agricultural Land Commission has made these calculations? I somehow doubt it.
    This comparison may be illustrated by considering the experience of a large animal stepping on your foot or having your foot run over by a car. I would prefer the car!
    Also the cars are there for 5 days or so and the cattle for 360 days a year.

    • Matty says:

      I have yet to meet a cow that weighs that much 🙂

      Maybe a bull, but there is one per field. I have read these comments and must say that 2011 will be my first year after hearing so many friends rave about it. I could care less. $20? Whoopy doo. I grew up on a farm and I can see the reasoning behind this, and yes, I have yet to meet a tractor that compacts the earth. Give me a break.

      Farmers feed cities!

  20. Corrine Zawaduk says:

    Hello there
    The hay fields are fenced off from the cows. And we only have approximately 40 cows who range over the rest of the ranch. But good point. I am not sure about how the ALC calculates these things out. They have graded the quality of the soil as well. It is different on different parts of the ranch.
    At the moment we are talking with a soil scientist who will be coming up with a comprehensive soil management plan. If we can, we are going to compost all of the food waste and use it as a soil amendment for the Sunshine field.
    I learn something new every day….

    I hope that this makes people think about how they travel to the ranch. Our surveys have shown that many people arrive as a group. We are hoping that carpooling becomes the norm. We know that people value flat grass and shade for their camps. We want to deliver more of that! The cars are an issue. We are open to ideas from you. This is going to be a process over the next few years. I am hoping that we can come up with solutions that will satisfy everyone while maintaining our beautiful land.

  21. Corrine Zawaduk says:

    And the money part. We have to look at where we are going to put the cars. There are parts of the ranch where the soil quality is not as nice as the Sunshine lot. We are looking at stabilizing the soil there in an ecological way so that we can park cars there. It will probably cost us at least 4 years worth of parking fees to accomplish all of the work. There is machine work that needs to be done, earth to move, new roadways to build. The festival is very expensive to maintain. Especially because we are so passionate about the way in which we do things. Farmers who love the land.

    • Duane Rozak says:

      Festival fees have gone up so one could have assumed that those increases in ticket prices and early camping might have gone to soil restoration. Instead you are tagging on another additional fees. I personally don’t believe parking a vehicle for a couple days adds to compacting the soil worse then having 10,000+ (have to include staff) people walking, jump and dancing on it plus having bodies sleeping on it. I personally think that that would probably do more damage then parking a car that has only 4 points of pressure. I don’t doubt that damage is happening BUT that is the festival you are throwing. However before I start to ramble or rage “The festival is very expensive to maintain” that is what ticket prices are for and to add a additional fee after ticket sales is in my humble opinion a underhanded way of doing business

  22. Cam says:


    I also rarely comment on these types of forums but feel compelled given the vitriolic nature of people’s posts.

    Firstly, read Corinne’s posts! I think she makes the issues very clear and the fact of the matter is that the festival organizers are being told by an arm of the government to make changes that will cost them a great deal of money. The festival is, quite properly, passing this cost onto the festival-goers who choose to exacerbate the problem.

    That aside, though, the bottom line is: Have a little freaking gratitude! You’re being blessed enough to have the opportunity to attend an event of pure magic, something other people worked their butts off all year to make happen. Appreciate the amazingness that they have helped create and trust that they’re doing their best. If they were the terrible people so many of you want to make them out to be then how did this festival come about in the first place? They’ve done this much for us, give them the benefit of the freaking doubt!

    Aaaand.. if cost is really such an issue for you then volunteer! These wonderful people have given you the opportunity to meaningfully contribute while mitigating the cost of attending.

    Anyways, my two cents… Love to you all!! See you on the dancefloor 🙂

  23. Corrine Zawaduk says:

    Thanks Cam. I will let everyone know how things progress. We are discussing the site plans now and will likely start working on the land in a month or so, as soon as the snow is off the fields. The soil scientist as well is waiting for clear ground in order to take soil samples. I will let all know how that goes. We are buying an aerator, to help with the compaction, and plan to aerate the fields this spring. The aerator breaks up the soil, creating air pockets which are necessary for healthy soil. I have nothing to hide here and will gladly share in the progress. Perhaps I can photo-document the progress for the doubters out there. Always open to suggestions.

  24. TheGreatOwl says:

    I just have one question – If we choose to camp in the free camping zone will we be permitted to access our vehicles? There will just be some things that I will want to lock up (valuables/costumes etc) that I will probably want to be able to get during the festival, but will not want lying around my campsite. So will we have free reign to go in and out of our cars?

  25. Corrine Zawaduk says:

    For sure you will. The cars will not be off limits, just parked in a section. There will be staff there, but just let them know why you are in the car park and you will be fine.

  26. Old tenter, now RV'r says:

    I am a little saddened by this new fee.

    We used to stay in the forest (and loved it) but there are so many people now that unless you arrive Wednesday (at $50 extra!) then you’re out of luck. So last year we put a small camper on the back and stayed out in the dust bowl. Loud partys all night long, messed up kids smashing things.

    Now you want MORE $$ for the “benefit” of staying out in the there?! THIS IS A CASH GRAB. I’m sure our P/U will be counted as a RV and we’ll be charged $80 on top of the $50 early bird fee.

    $80 is silly. There is NO way you can justify $80 for 4 tires that sit for 4-5 days. My feet do more damage to the soil while I walk around and dance for 48 hr’s

    This has to be removed. Its a slap in the face adding it after the fact. If you keep doing things like this, all you’ll be left with is people who show up and have NO respect for the place, party, and people.

    Watch, more and more people will use that old excuses:
    “Well I paid $400 to get in here so they can clean up after me, and dam it I’m gonna get my $$$ outa this place” bla bla bla

    Is that what we really want. Are those the kind of attitudes we want?! Please show me I’m wrong. Please stop giving less and taking more $$ each year. I want to feel like this is a place I can give back to through my actions and with my energy, not a place that is just interested in my wallet…

    • britz says:

      This was announced, as soon as we could announce it, in February. It has been public information, with reminders on FB every now and then, since then. This is not something we added in at the 11th hour.

      In the past year or so, we’ve started dealing with the ALC (Agricultural Land Commission). As is explained in the post, they oversee ALR land. They would not give us permission to hold the event on ALR land unless we started taking steps toward less vehicles being on ALR land in the future. This is the first step toward that.

      The stages are not in an area that is of concern to the ALR (it’s forest, not viable agricultural land), so the compaction there is not as great of a concern.

      >>Please stop giving less and taking more $$ each year.<<

      Maybe you should see the festival grounds this year, before you say that. The gardens and BASScamp are going to be amazing.


      • Old tenter, now RV'r says:

        Thanks for the well thought out reply,

        I’m sure you are getting a mixed bag of responses to this new fee. Really my concerns are just how expensive Shambles is getting. I understand there are many issues that come into play when running an event this size. I just would hate to see the festival turn into something only a limited cross section of people are able to afford.

        I am looking forward to coming this year, and I can’t wait to see the changes, but that’s not why I come. Hope my feelings have made it through.

  27. Mike says:

    Look, soil compaction I can understand…if it actually turns out to be true. But please don’t start trying to use Al Gore’s hilariously debunked “carbon footprint” argument from the 1990’s on us. Less than 35% of the populus still believe that unscientific garbage about CO2 (AKA plant food) being somehow “bad”, and the less people think about their so-called “footprint” the better. Unless it’s actual, physical footprints in soil…okay then, let’s do something. Thx. Sorry to get all eco-political on you, but enough with the greenwashing. Leave that to CNN, don’t indoctrinate me at a festival. Garbage and soil is a real issue, carbon is not. Carbon is the basis of all life on earth. Using that as an argument is just as bad as the lieberals claiming the carbon tax has any justification. And we all know it doesn’t. Cheers.

  28. Mike says:

    BTW, I’m all for preserving the land, but a festival just isn’t a festival without the oceans of campers, rv’s, trucks and buses as far as you can see. Half the fun is the road trip and then camping WITH your vehicle (unless you are a tenter, which I personally would never do again lol). Some of the coolest parts of every festival are people’s unique vehicles, campers, and custom machines they deck out/create/design just for these events. It’s part of the entire atmosphere and vibe. So let me make a suggestion, simply make the ticket prices more clear next time since now you know about the charges.

    IE: Early bird ticket for Friday arrival $260 (no vehicle) or $280(w/ vehicle) and $340 w/ OS vehicle). The thing that pisses people off more than anything is when extra fees are hidden and not included with ticket prices. It’s like a cellphone bill that ends up being double what your plan is.

    PS: My vehicle is bigger than an H2, with a bed built in the back (because I despise tents) but only seats 2 people…so I guess your security will “make the call” at the gate and take $80 from me anyways? Ugh.

  29. Mike says:

    …except for the free parking area of course.

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