Elite Force’s Shambhala 2010

Hey Shambhazens! I’m reposting Elite Force’s Shambhala 2010 Diary today. If you caught his EPIC set at the Pagoda last summer, and you’re in KELOWNA, CALGARY or NELSON, you’ll want to make sure you catch one of his sets this coming weekend!

  • Kelowna w/ RICO TUBBS (double headliner event, brought to you by our friends at Footwerk!!) @ Saphires  – Feb 24
  • Calgay @ The Marquee Room – Feb 25
  • Nelson @ The Royal on Baker (brought to you by the Pagoda Stage Director – support!) – Feb 26 (almost sold out!)

And Nelsonites – don’t forget that we have Rico Tubbs at Spirit Bar on Feb 25th, too! Big weekend in the Queen City!

Enjoy the blog! – Britz

Shambhala Diary August 5-7 2010

Posted WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, 2010

photos courtesy of Hatiras

It was a mission getting to Spokane. A six-hour layover at Denver left me on my knees & as I crawled through this seemingly remote, local airport in the midst of Washington State, there were more families welcoming back soldiers from far flung outposts than there were ‘regular’ passengers. I hurriedly hunkered down in my hotel (it was within spitting distance of the terminal) & got some rest.

The following day proved to be something of an epic travel day. Shambhala is not the easiest Festival to get to, but like all the best events of it’s kind, there’s a reason for this, and as our ‘artist bus’ chugged through seemingly endless swathes of woodland & widescreen riverbeds it quickly became clear this was to be a real breath of fresh air in every sense.

After an interminable delay at customs that threatened to take the shine off the day, we finally pulled onto the site at around 10pm. Half an hour later and I was bewitched … taken on a madcap headlong rush through the different stages by my personal tour guide, Beardyman (who has the fantastic compulsion to launch into spontaneous b-boxing
when he gets excited by something), and with each turn we seemed to hit a new piece of magic.

Shambhala is breath-taking, and as a Festival veteran of sorts, I don’t say that lightly. The site is pure, isolated, enchanting. Warm by day, comfortable by night, as the humidity and the sun bakes down in the heat of the day, the river than runs through it is a perfect magnet, drawing everyone to it’s cooling waters during the day and soundtracked by the ‘Beach’ stage, which lurked on it’s banks. As the sun went down the Fractal Forest, Pagoda & Village stages took over – the production quality on all of them was as good as anything I’ve seen at a Festival, anywhere: each had it’s own unique vibe & feel. The Forest was funkier, more playful and simply a vast sprawling array of aerial visual pyrotechnics thanks to the myriad of lasers; the Pagoda (where I played a peaktime set on the Saturday) was generally more electro and was a staggering wooden structure with full video-mapped visuals & a full-spectrum laser; and then there was the Village, geared more to the hard subsonics of dubstep & the downtempo crews, but because of it’s enclosed feel and *immense* PK Sound system it felt more like the ‘Origin of Dubstep’, the hive from which it spawns it’s filthy noise.

In short, I loved Shambhala, & would gladly have stayed another day or two & certainly hope to be back at some stage. The people were awesome, the welcome incredibly warm, the stages were astonishing & I’ve had nothing but love from people who were there to witness my set on the Saturday night. This kind of inter-activity and positivity is part of the reason why we decided to do these mini-guides and tie them in with a new download. Tickets have just gone on sale for next year’s festival & if you’re looking for something truly life-affirming that’s a little further afield then I can’t
recommend it too highly.

Elite Force, U&A Recordings

And check out the video summation of Elite Force’s experience @ Shambhala!

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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  1. so pumped for this night!

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