Nelson Music Scene Part 4: Local Promoters


Nelson is the type of place where you can walk down the main street (Baker) and come across a dozen incredibly creative and talented people. You can exchange words and ideas but unless prompted, no information about their process or where their art can be found or purchased will be offered. Often, even when asked, few artists seem comfortable “street marketing” their work and would rather continue sipping their Oso coffee on their way back to their studio space. was started by a group of artists looking for a way to share what and who inspires them from our local area. We are independently run and non-profit. We accept submissions and independently research artists requesting their additions to the site. We will display art from any medium and currently showcase: Music (free downloads from many local artists and DJ’s), Fashion/Jewelry, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Film, Design and more. We also use this platform to help inform the community about upcoming events: concerts/festivals, art shows, independent films etc… as well as host a weekly event at Spiritbar, Thursday nights. Our goal with this night is to offer a venue to local musicians/DJ’s that is free of charge to the public. Our continued goal will be to provide a glimpse at what our areas artist community has to offer. Submissions can be accepted at

AreaOne Events

AreaOne Events – A leader in the Kootenay festival and events industry. AreaOne Events was created in 2005, with the intention to build a stronger music community within the Kootenay Mountains of BC, Canada. Over the past 6 years, the organization has developed an impressive resume; hosting successful events in multiple Kootenay towns, managing nation-wide tours for overseas artists, and collaborating with international talent agencies as a Canadian representative. 

AreaOne has, and continues to carry a strong reputation for hosting artists and providing a comfortable organized event; which has stretched across the globe to places like the United Kingdom , Europe, Australia, United States, and of course, Canada. This reputation has acquired festival, venue, and nightclub contracts around southern BC to help with successful event logistics and implementation Shambhala Music Festival, along with AreaOne Events and other local promotion groups have brought international attention to the Kootenay’s, making it a Canadian hotspot for music and festival enthusiasts.  

AreaOne will be at Shambhala Music Festival this year, assisting the management of the Rock Pit. Keep your eyes and ears ready, 2011 is shaping up to be BIG..

The Future is Bright!


Upcoming Events:

A.Skillz with J-Pod the BeatChef  –  Friday March 25th – Nelson BC

Ghetto Funk Canada  –  Friday April 8th – Kimberley BC

Upcoming Tours:

Ghetto Funk Canada Tour  –  April 2011

Turntables in Technicolor  –  May 2011

Twitter: @AreaOneEvents

Peter Payne

Submitted by Peter Payne

My first real show was an all-ages show at the Fluid Lounge with Buck 65 in 2001.  2002 brought Sweat Shop Union to Nelson for two very memorable shows at the Capitol Theatre and Finley’s Bar and Grill.  2003 Juno Nominee Classified sold out two shows in two days in his first visit. It was a very exciting time for the Hip Hop community.  As I progressed from booking shows locally, I got involved in booking a few tours a year. The most memorable tour’s were 2004’s Western Canadian Tour with Cunninlynguists (Lexington Ky) & Tonedeff (New York). 2005’s tour with Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique was an amazing vibe on a 13-show tour over 20 days.

2001 through 2011 shows included:

Buck 65 – Fluid Lounge

Sweatshop Union – Capitol Theatre & Finley’s

4th World Occupants/Emotionz – Fluid Lounge, Taffy Jacks

Awol One – Fluid Lounge

Classified, Fluid Lounge – Spirit Bar & The element

Cunninlynguists & Tonedeff –  Fluid Lounge

Zion I, Fluid Lounge & Spirit Bar

2 Live Crew – Taffy Jacks

Abstract Rude – David Thompson Cultural Center, Finley’s & Spirit Bar

Masta Ace – Fluid Lounge & Spirit Bar (With group EMC)

Main Offenders – The Royal

Karpe Diem – The Royal

Del The Funky Homosapien, Taffy Jacks & Spirit Bar

Raekwon, Spirit Bar

Gza – Spirit Bar

The following artists were on tour as opening acts and shows listed:

Dj Rippel, DJ Bryx, DJ Heywood, DJ Murge, DJ Weezl, Jeff Spec, Ishkan, City Planners, Karpe Diem, Northern Images, Deeper Than Bottomless, Junk, Depth, Ty-C, Cypha.nex, Locke, Politc Live, Sunday School Dropoutz, Dragon Fli Empire, Def3, Non Status, MC Dosia from DNA 6, Jordan Croucher, Mecca, Factor, Random Humans, DL Incognito, Dust, Mood Ruff & The Filthy Animals.

Mike Payne

HeadPhone Entertainment has been tearing it up!!!
Founded in 2005 Headphone Entertainment originated in the West Kootenays of Birtish Columbia and is located with in Nelson. Since day one we have made it our goal to promote top Under Ground local and international DJ`s, Producers and Bands. Through out the years Headphone Entertainment has provided venues for up coming artests and has helped them in the Nelson Bass music community. Building a strong background and friendships has helped us achieve our goals to provide world class entertainment. That has brought you acts like Excision, Ill Gates, Downlink, Brothers of Mayhem, B.Traits, All Good Funk Allinace, J Boogie, Glitchy & Scratchy, Ill Esha, Deeps, Bryx, B Ron, Orbatak, Nemesis, Audio Architect, Hoola, Soup, Billy Bangers, DJ Hubbz, EVO, Breaker, J Wikid, Amanada Rude, DJ Rhiannon, Selectra, Just B, Myles Away, Dubconsious, Lady AK, Dion Rego, Rob Goblin, Dewey DB, Sweat Shop Union, Moka Only, Ripple, DJ Express, DJ Cal, Bastet, Spinderella, Michelle C, Muffin, Miss DVS, DJ TZ, Fonni, United States of Mind, Magnolius, Smoothie, Suplex, Sturdy, Audio Hazard, Main Offenders, The Heard, Abstract Artform, Filth Kids, Mach1, Sound Transfer, Synthesis, SES, EYE DAWG, Wobble Raiders. Watch for us at your local clubs and outdoor events.

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