Getting The Gig: Freddy J’s Story

Freddy J aka Alex Carlson

My story starts about 7 years ago when I first attend Shambhala in 2004.  I had known about this magical place for a few years prior, but this was the first time I was able to make the journey and experience it first hand.
I’m sure most of you have had a similar experience: once you arrive and see it in all its glory and not just through some stories or pictures.  I was blown away to say the least. The people, the vibe, the music, and the amazing stages that made up this festival.  One stage in particular, the Fractal Forest, hit my heart in the most profound way.
I can remember the exact moment when I first walked in there. It was about 10pm on Friday night and it was going off. A visual and auditory orgasm of my senses.  At this point. I had only been DJing for about 2 years at that point, but the first thing that came to mind once I collected myself was, “I have to play here”. It was my dream gig. From then on, I was on a mission to make it happen. For the next few years I dug in the trenches of the DJ world in BC to make this dream a reality.
In 2005, I was fortunate enough to meet the creator of the Fractal Forest, Rich-E-Rich, at a party in Calgary.  The only thing I could do at the time was tell him how amazed I was by the Fractal Forest. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me.
For the next few years I had to build my name up in the Shambhala community if I wanted any chance to play. I posted all my new mixes on forums all over western Canada (giving lots of kudos to here!).  I would bring over 200 copies of my newest mix at the time to Shambhala each year I attended, which I still continue to do.
I sent Rich copies of my latest mix whenever I had created one.
Fortunately for me, he liked my style and so did many other people.  My name was starting to build more than I could have imagined.
Then came the moment I had been waiting for – at my 4th Shambhala in 2007, I saw Rich in the Fractal and gave him a copy of my current mix. It was then and there he said that he was going to book me to play the following year.
Words cannot describe the emotions that came over me.  I did it. My dream gig had finally arrived.  I worked hard for almost 4 years to hear those words.  When the moment came to drop my set in 2008, it was nothing short of amazing.
I have since become a Fractal Forest team member, volunteering in 2009, 2010, and at the upcoming 2011 show (another amazing experience on it’s own).  I  was also given another opportunity to grace the decks in 2010, and this upcoming 2011 show.
It’s a dream come true.

Team Fractal, 2009

I am currently deeply involved into a new production duo, with fellow DJ, Vinyl Fixx. We are known as The Boogie Monsters.  We specialize in making midtempo bass-heavy party tunes, taking influences from all genres and styles.  We are currently working on a 4 track e.p, including our new single ‘I’m Your Boogie Man’.

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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6 Responses to Getting The Gig: Freddy J’s Story

  1. sammy potato says:

    yeah baby! my experience in the forest was similar (without the getting to play part… [yet!]) …i was chilling on those super-reclining forest chairs when i started talking to this guy. i was like ‘i’ve heard music in this forest like i’ve never heard anywhere else,’ next thing i new i had two freddy j mixes in my hands (this was probably 2007); i learned a lot from those mixes, and still rock ’em sometimes to this day. good job freddy for getting behind the stump – hope to see you there this year =D

  2. Vinyl Fixx says:

    Big up to my boy Freddy J!! Another set earned once again this year! Rocking tha booty as he always do!!!!

    The Boogie Monsters are coming for you to shake that azz!! 😉

  3. MissDVS says:

    YA BABY!! Alex rox! your set last year was awesome times 🙂

    glad Jared & I could introduce you two at “that party in Calgary” (Unite at Sunrise) we put together! Its amazing how inter-connected everyone is and to see how everyone has grown over the years making their dreams come true! Very inspirational!

    Keep the VIBE ALIVE!


  4. Freddy J says:

    Thanks for the comment Sammy. 🙂 Glad to have made your acquaintance once again. And yeah Ziggy! I forgot what the party was called, but its awesome sometimes how the universe works. 🙂

    Go Boogie Monsters!!

  5. Diane Mann says:

    Alex, you’re story of embarking on a journey into the realm that is music is amazing and I am glad you got to have the experience. Your dedication shows your love for sound, energy and positive vibes. I was at your set last year and you rocked it. Ill be there again this year gettin boogied on the forest floor.

    Bring on the boogie monsters. : D

  6. Bryce MacDermott says:

    Yeeeeeahhh Boyyyyyy!!!

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