Introducing: ShambhaLodging!

Greetings Shambhalovlies! So, in an ideal world, we would have announced this prior to tickets selling out, however, with everything happening so fast (sold out of tickets in May!? WOW!), this is the first opportunity we’ve had to launch ShambhaLodging!

This is the last (and we mean last) opportunity for those of you who did not get tickets to purchase them, along with a tent and some other comforts. The tickets we set aside for this are NOT available on their own, and must be purchased with the ShambhaLodging package.

If you already have your ticket(s), you can also purchase the package without them. See pricing below!

If you’re travelling from the other side of Canada, the US, or another country, this is a GREAT opportunity to make your life a little bit easier! 🙂 We’re really excited to make this available to our Farmily who are travelling great distances to be with us this.

This offering is on a first-come, first-paid, first-served basis – so if you’re interested make sure you email right away!


A new, economic, lodging service is available this year. Come join the Starlight Community of Shambha-Lodgers, with a preassembled campsite and prime reserved camping space in the luscious shade of the trees!

Limited # of Campsites Available!

Two Person Tents:

  • Without Ticket(s) – $500
  • 1 Ticket Included – $750
  • 2 Tickets Included – $1,000

Amenities of service include:

  • Early Entrance Fees Included (Value $50 per Person)
  • 1 Reserved Parking Spot per Campsite located nearby
  • Fully Assembled Campsite Located in the bordering trees of the Starlight Field (behind FECK mountain) – includes: 1 Two-Man-Tent, and a Double Hide-a-Mat Mattress
  • Shambhala Gift Certificate for $25
  • Shared Lodging Porta-Potty access in close proximity to the camp

Only PAYPAL, VISA or MASTERCARD can be accepted.

Accommodations are held on a first come first serve basis – you will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days of us receiving the application.

You are subject to Shambhala’s Ticket Purchasing Terms & Conditions, please Click Here to view.

  • All attendees are subject to search upon entry.
  • Lodgers are subject to all rules that apply to all festival attendees (including, but not limited to: no glass, firearms, alcohol, drugs, generators, open flames, etc.)
  • Feel free to bring your own food, beverages and propane cooking equipment (no hibachis, no open flames).
  • No animals will be allowed anywhere on festival grounds.

Shambhala Music Festival Ltd. is not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen. It is recommended you don’t bring valuable items at all, but if you do, please lock them in your car out of sight for safety.

Any damages to Shambhala Music Festival Ltd. gear and equipment will automatically revoke your eligibility for a damage deposit refund.

Any violation of above rules may result in expulsion from the festival property. Shambhala Music Festival Ltd. is not responsible to supply any services should a violation occur where Guest is allowed to remain on site but not in Lodging area.

Interested? Email!

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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15 Responses to Introducing: ShambhaLodging!

  1. Kathtitao says:

    This is so good. I would not lug camping equipment coming from Asia. More space to bring costumes I guess. Thank you for having this. Takes a load off me in figuring out the logistics and so on. I am sure you have limited spaces left.
    And if more tents and less cars are allowed in the inner areas, I am sure it will be so much nicer…. a Tent City…. Yeah.. I’ll buy that!!

  2. Daniel says:

    This is a fantastic idea!
    I decided to join the Shambhala farmily this year based on the amazing reputation you guys have involving the planning and production of the festival (this reputation extends here, to Perth, Western Australia and beyond, no doubt). ShambhaLodging is yet another example that shows that you are constantly considering initiatives that compliment the experience of the event.
    As someone who is travelling half way around the world to attend, I cannot thank you enough for thinking of those coming from afar and making our lives a little (…or a lot) easier.
    It is very much appreciated!

  3. marjie hills says:

    Hi, I hope I’m reading this correctly, are you charging up to $1000.00 for two ticket holders to camp “in a luscious shaded area” on top of their tickets???? I hope I’m reading this wrong!

    Clarification would be appreciated, thanks!

    • Hey Marjie,

      Dillon is right, you misread. $1000 is the pricepoint for TWO people who do not already have their tickets.

      $750 for ONE person who does not already have a ticket.


      $500 for ONE or TWO people who already have tickets.

  4. Dillon says:


    I’d say thats a very fair price to be charging actually. If you have attended before, you know the absolute craziness of trying to find a good camping spot among the madness (it’s near impossible unless you are arriving very early).

    Because of the limited amount, accompanied with early entry, and a guaranteed good spot – if you’re travelling from afar that is most definitely worth it. WITH a parking spot as well.

  5. Dillon says:


    Hmm, misread your misread.

    It’s only $500 if you currently have tickets.

    $1000 if you DO NOT have tickets.


  6. miss selene says:

    it’s madness to find a spot even if you do arrive early! we were sixth in line last year and sadly camped with the vehicle so no great spots to be found. all the lucky volunteers had all the great spots. a bonus for volunteering!

  7. jennifer says:

    Does this include a shade structure? If not can we bring one?Also what kind of tent? Im picky LOL.
    Sounds like a awesome deal though.

  8. jay says:

    $1000 bucks for 2 tickets, a cheap gift card and a tent in a shitty spot way far away from the stages? wouldn’t pay that much to go to a hollywood event lol

  9. bauder says:

    plus they’re charging $200 bucks for a blanket RENTAL & pillows. rain shelter $100. cooler & chairs $80. you can buy all those things brand new for 25% of that price! gettin greedy around here

  10. britz says:

    The sites are actually on level terraces, with complete shade cover – far from ‘shitty’, it’s some of the most prime camping on site. True, it is a bit of a walk to “Downtown”, but that also means it’s easier to sleep when you want to, because it’s further away from the noise.

    With tickets being sold out online, many tickets are selling for $450-$500 on 3rd party websites. So if you have 2 people who want to come anyway, going for ShambhaLodging is a way better deal – not only do you have an awesome camp already set up for you, there are no additional early entry fees or parking fees when you arrive.

    Plus there are Lodging attendants available 24 hrs a day for whatever our Lodgers might need.

    It’s fine if the package isn’t for you – but it’s still a great service.

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