Farmgirls & Farmboys: Elk & A Slow Spring

by Shambhala Production Manager, Corrine Zawaduk

An elk left a gift of a horn in our driveway. The cows have been eating round hay bales and silage all winter, cut from the fields fondly known as “Sunshine Lot” and “Fairy Parking”.


The elk have been in the hay fields every day, attracted by the hay that had fallen out of the tractors bucket. They share the space with deer. All are hungry after a long winter.
Elk shed their horns every year. The horn we found has 5 points on it. One morning we woke to it in the middle of the lane.

Harrowing has begun.  The green John Deere is hooked up to what looks like a blanket of metal. The grass is finally all green. Snow, not long ago, still graced the shadowy parts of the fields. The harrows comb the earth, waking the bed head of grasses. The aerator will come next, opening the earth to the air.

Water water everywhere. These mountains amaze me. They act as a giant rock filter. The snow melts and suddenly there are streams where there were none before. The water drops under the ground, and then pops up like a spring, only to dry up with the summer heat. When you walk across the fields you can hear the roar of water coming down the mountains. The mist in the early morning adds to the moisture.

Slow spring, thankfully. So much snow over the winter that a warm spring would have caused major flooding down on the site. A slow melt. Snow still tops the mountains. The leaves are just beginning to show on the trees and shrubs. Spring has only recently come to the farm.

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