ShambhaLodging Report 2011

A huge thank-you going out to everyone who participated in Lodging this year. You were lovely to hang out with throughout the week and you left your campsites so clean!

It was awesome to chat with a lot of you and find out what you wanted from Lodging going into the future. We have tons of ideas for next year and Lodging is only going to get better from here!

We now have a permanent page on our website for Accommodations, including Lodging and Luxe, with information about each option. 2012 info and pricing will be released when tickets go on sale. Check out the link below:

Here are some pictures from Lodging 2011 to last you through the winter:

Photo Copyright Meghan Booth 2011

Photo Copyright Kelven Tan 2011

Photo Copyright Kelven Tan 2011

Photo Copyright Meghan Booth 2011

What a beautiful view!
See you next year Lodgers!

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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4 Responses to ShambhaLodging Report 2011

  1. Tee Haynes says:

    I need more photos… not enough to last me through the winter

  2. Shaun says:

    The bottom photo is taken from our camps driveway! Camp Funkin Giver. Amazing view all weekend – day or night.

  3. jonathan corbin says:

    Can you send me the pictures of polar bear costumes at 2011 shambhalas incredible festival. I wanna see if i have a picture of me out there, cuz lots of people out there took my picture and i’ve always been embarassed of public. I wanna see if ther
    theres a pic of me out there please

  4. Katie says:

    the “have you seen a tall Asian man” sign was ours, and we used it to actually find our friend on the first day. Once it had done its job it got to chill by the tent for the next few days.

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