Support the Farmily – Fundraiser for Kyle & Caleb Hargreaves

UPDATE FROM GUS LU 10/02/2011: “Hi Britz,

The fundraiser was a HUGE success!! We raised nearly 12k with more donations still streaming in!  We held two draws but both tickets ended up going to a young man by the name of Grant Lee.  Luckily, Grant is friends with Tyler’s cousin, Chance, and will give the 2nd ticket to Chance.  Chance by the way, spent a whole lot of money on the silent auction items (including $400 for a donated bottle of Dom Perignon and much more for some Flames tickets).  It was such a great turn-out and such a good spirit to the event.  Thanks so much for helping to make it happen!



Shambhala Community – we lost a member of our Farmily this August, Tyler Hargreaves, while he was on his way to Shambhala 2011. Tyler’s friends & family will be holding a fundraiser to start a trust fund for Tyler’s children, and Shambhala has donated 2 Shambhala 2012 tickets for the raffle.

Fundraiser for Kyle & Caleb Hargreaves

By Gus Lu

On August 5, 2011, Tyler Joel Hargreaves, a six-time veteran of Shambhala, died tragically in a car accident in southern Alberta on the way to this year’s festival.

He was 31 years old and, sadly, left behind two very young boys, Kyle (age 4) and Caleb (age 1). Tyler was an amazing father, friend and son.

He appreciated everything that life had to offer, built up the courage and confidence of his friends and family, and was the LIFE of the party. He had just graduated law school from the University of Calgary in May and was one month into his new job. He planned this to be his last Shambhala as he was going to move to Australia within a year to be closer to his boys.

Out of this tragedy, Tyler’s friends are organizing a fundraiser in Calgary at 6 p.m. Friday, September 30, 2011 at the Kilkenny pub in Northwest Calgary. All proceeds will go towards a trust fund for the education of Kyle and Caleb Hargreaves.

Tickets are $20 and will give you one free raffle ticket, one beer and finger food. Come in your Shambhala costume and you’ll get another raffle ticket for free. Additional raffle tickets are $5 per ticket.

We have awesome raffle prizes including two (2) tickets for Shambhala 2012 (thank you, Britz, and thank you, Shambhala, for your generosity!) Each Shambhala ticket will be raffled off individually. As well, we have other prizes such as a weekend getaway at Emerald Lake, two hours of tattoo time from Sacred Balance, Burlesque lessons and much, much more. Tickets can be purchased at the door or via paypal at We recommend the paypal option as tickets may sell out. As well, if you are not in the Calgary area but wish to make a donation, please use the paypal account to send your donations. Every bit helps.

For more information about Tyler, please visit

The facebook page for this event is at!/event.php?eid=184051211668722

Thanks very much for all your support!

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5 Responses to Support the Farmily – Fundraiser for Kyle & Caleb Hargreaves

  1. Kaylin says:

    this breaks my heart 😦 ❤ R.I.P

  2. Daniel says:

    our thoughts and prayers are with his family..

  3. that is truely heartbreaking.

  4. Santino Orioli says:

    I can’t make it there as I am in Vancouver, but I will send my donation. Sorry about your loss.

  5. Stu says:

    I am going to be there. I was devastated as I started my vacation on the highway this very day. I feel worse for missing the service because of it. See you there.

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