Thoughts from a Shambassador

The following message was sent to Ricardo Hubbs (head of Shambhala Cultural Development & Design, and Shambassador Team Leader) from Shambassador Nicole St. Michel.

Hello Ricardo,

Sorry for the late response. I wanted to take the time with this email. First off I want to thank you for choosing me to be a Shambassador. I felt honoured to be a part of that team; part of a group of fabulous people whose sole purpose is to spread love and positivity. All that love and positivity came back toward me very strongly and greatly enhanced my experience at Shambhala this year. This was by far one of my best Shambhala’s (I always remember my first year as the best because I hiked the mountain on day one and saw the brightest rainbow of my existence laying over all of Shambhala the moment I sat down at the top; that and the first time experience is often hard to beat). But this year was something special for sure.
I believe that people’s experience at Shambhala often reflect the events going on in their life and where they are at (in Mind/Body/Spirit) at that moment. I feel that as Shambassador’s we can emphasize and enhance the positivity and love vibrations all around; reminding people of the true purpose and meaning of Shambhala and counter-acting any negative, heavy or dark vibrations that may be lurking about. This is what I saw happening this year. And this is a big reason why I come year after year to this festival; to be a part of the community that represents the true intention of this celebration.
The Shambassadors help bring a face to the festival and build a sense of community. I was impressed by the amount of volunteers at Shambhala this year. In a way I feel that people will attract to their-selves whatever they go out looking for at a place like Shambhala. Yet volunteers like the Shambassadors, and others, serve to increase the chances that the people will find experiences that are in line with the true meaning of Shambhala.
The Shambassador manual is totally awesome. You put so much work into that and the project at large and I think you did an awesome job! One idea I had was that all Shambassadors could know of the story of Shambhala and share this story with anyone interested as they spread the Shambalove. Perhaps there could be a little write-up in the manual about that story. I also thought that survey questions could be divided up and either one or both Shambassadors could take a question with them on their shift and ask only that for the day; keeping note of the responses in their book and preparing for you a short essay/conclusion of those.
I also have this idea, although it is not necessarily reserved for Shambassadors, to have a group meditating in an area on site (perhaps in the forest) at all times throughout the festival. I believe this would also serve to counter-act any negativities (and raise vibrations) at the festival.
And lastly I wanted to quickly share with you my experience as a Shambassador on Friday night. I was paired up with Dylan. Together the two of us did our duties during the day and shared information and greetings as we strolled through Jersey. But as the sun went down behind the mountains and things chilled off we thought our work would be more effective in the lit up areas where people were gathered. We found our way to the beach for a little Shambadance. The two of us ran around on the dance floor and had a great idea for the spreading of the Shambalove. We danced around at a distance from each other until we found a target for a love-bomb. When Dylan’s eyes met mine we closed in on the target for a serious Shambalovebomb (aka squishy sandwich hug). It was frickin awesome. I had a vibe high for the rest of the weekend from that. Hugs raise vibrations indefinitely. And who wouldn’t want a Shambalovebomb!?
Being a Shambassador is awesome! Best job ever for sure! If I think of more ideas about Shambassading I will let you know.
I hope you are enjoying the changing faces of fall at this time. I will leave you with a photo taken on Monday morning this year at Shambhala. When my eyes met with the rainbow pipe cleaner guy (seen in the photo attached) it was love at first sight. We danced in the chill dome until the sun rose and the music ended. And best of all he just so happens to live in the same city as me. We have been hanging out ever since. Gotta love Shambalove!!!

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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3 Responses to Thoughts from a Shambassador

  1. daniel says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Kathtitao says:

    I was there too to experience Shambhala for the first time.
    I remember how just a few months ago, many people in this blog were accusing the festival of charging too much and parking fees were a cash grab effort. How wrong and how parochial the vision of these.

    Why? Because in my opinion,from my varied travels, the experience of love, passion, and joy so fully experienced during my time in Shambhala; is also met with great planning, design, safety and very thoughtful touches by the farmily. Indeed there are very few places in the world where wild abandonment and safety can go hand in hand.
    I had fun, alot of it and I felt safe. There was so much love going around. The Shambhassadors were a riot!!!! What love shown.
    If there are less vehicles parked near downtown, I am sure that we can have more campsites built and thus much more creative communities camping together.

    What a rite of passage for me to experience. And as I went alone as a woman who does her own business in the region, I am totally enthralled by what I have seen.

    Shambhala Music Festival is a Canadian treasure the world is only starting to discover……forget beaver tails!!!

  3. Alex says:

    oooooooooohhhh or if they had a beavertail station right at the back of the village omnomnomnomnomn you’d never run out of energy, friggin rock out to drum and bass nonnnstop. oh man and the blue algae station by the Labyrinth was soooo key. if i could also suggest that shamb purchase a phaaaat box of incenses and light em up all around so that people can just pick em up and walk around smellin fine. gotta have the whole package, party proper in max comfort with nutritious food and beverages and intricate smells. Then the job of the sexy shambassadors would become so much more effective 😀 (can i apply plllzzzz)

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