2012 Ticket Sale Date, And Age Restriction Changes

10/12/2011 UPDATE: 2012 Pricing

  • Extra Early Birds: $220 ($246.60 incl. HST)
  • Early Birds: $245 ($274.40 incl HST)
  • Regular Price: $280 ($313.60 incl HST)

There will be a limit of TWO TICKETS PER ORDER on the first tier (Extra Early Birds), and a limit of 3 tickets per order thereafter.

**There is an $11+HST S&H Fee on ALL ORDERS.**

10/06/2011 Original Post:

Hello Shambhalovlies!

It’s that time again – October! As of October 1st,  Shambhala’s “new year” began. We’ve now wrapped Shambhala 2011, and are in the preliminary  to Shambhala 2012. Yee-haw! We’re so excited and inspired, and ready to throw another great festival for you this coming August.

So, we’ve got good news aaaaand…well, not really bad news, but maybe not so good news, depending on your age.

Change to Age Restrictions

Moving forward, Shambhala will be 19+ across the board.

We are retiring the chaperone program, and will no longer grant minors admittance to the festival.

ALL ATTENDEES MUST BE 19+ to attend Shambhala.

To all the under-19 electronic music lovers out there, we apologize.  It is with regret that we move forward with this change, however, after 3 years of experimentation with the program, the ammount of administration and resources required to facilitate the small # of people using it (130 pairs registered in 2010) have become too great. But we’re looking forward to seeing you on the dancefloor in a few years.

This change will NOT have an effect on Shambhala’s no alchohol policy – alcohol will still be a banned item.

Now for the good news;

Tickets for Shambhala 2012 will go on sale on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21st, 2011 AT 7PM PST! (Yeeeeeeeahhh!!!!)

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery with this first round of tickets. Please note ALL International orders (anything with an address outside of Canada) will be held at WILL CALL.

You WILL need a PAYPAL account to place your oder online. If you don’t already have one, consider setting it up soon – it can take up to 10 days for account verification.

2012 Pricing

  • Extra Early Birds: $220 ($246.60 incl. HST)
  • Early Birds: $245 ($274.40 incl HST)
  • Regular Price: $280 ($313.60 incl HST)

There will be a limit of TWO TICKETS PER ORDER on the first tier (Extra Early Birds), and a limit of 3 tickets per order thereafter.

**There is an $11+HST S&H Fee on ALL ORDERS.**

As always, there will be 10,000 total tickets available for purchase.

We experienced an unprescedented year of ticket sales in 2011. Extra Early Birds sold out within a minute (wow!), Early Birds sold out in January, and Shambhala 2011 officially sold out of tickets on May 26th, 2011. We expect this trend of selling out early to continue – so make sure you get your tickets early!!!

We can’t wait to see all your beautiful smiling faces in August!

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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25 Responses to 2012 Ticket Sale Date, And Age Restriction Changes

  1. Kelsey says:

    7pm in which time zone?

  2. Eva Chobanuk says:

    So no more Credit Card payment option whatsoever to buy the tickets online

  3. Lin says:

    if Shambhala is 19+ across the board, will this mean all the vendors need to find staff over 19 years of age? It seems many of the Vendors rely on those 17 and 18 years of age to staff the event, so please provide more information. Linda

  4. Maverick says:

    I am still confused as to the reason why you have to be 19+ to go to shambhala

    • Bob says:

      Because there’s nothing worse than a bunch of kids getting way too fucked up and annoying.

      • hmmm Bob, for what it is worth, I have worked the medic tent for a few years now, and it appears to me that most of these so-called ‘fucked up and annoying’ people ie the ones that come in escorted by security guards or completely unconscious are 25+. Thanks for the negative, lame, judgmental post.

      • Kamen says:

        Hey buddy I barely saw any “kids” at shams when the chaperone program was going, and none of them stuck out as “fucked up and annoying.”

  5. when are the ticket prices going to be out!!! need to know asap!

  6. justin says:

    What are the dates next year?

  7. How do we find out more information about possibly working/ volunteering at the event?

  8. Haley says:

    AAAAHHHH no 19+ i saved and was so stoked 😦

  9. Peter says:

    The paypal only option is a real inconvenience

  10. joooooooo says:

    how do we find early bird tickets??

  11. Derek rowney says:

    Can you use visa or does it have to be pay pal

  12. Matt says:

    pay pal is a good idea it gives insurance and peace of mind to both the ticket seller and the buyer.

    • Dee says:

      lol, this isn’t an auction. neither the seller nor buyer needs “insurance” here. shambhala won’t screw us, and if we don’t pay them, they can sell to someone else.

  13. james dylan says:

    So i have signed up for Pay pal. Come friday how do i get an extra early bird ticket? Where is the link to the page for Friday?

  14. ZEBRAh says:

    Perfect. I no longer need to ID girls before they visit my tent.

  15. george says:

    new to Shambhala… signed to paypal … so how does a person go about purchasing tickets to this GREAT OUTDOOR EVENT ??? …I don’t see any links from Shambhala to a site THAT IS selling the TICKETS ! ! ! I would to purchase 2 (two) tickets… sooo what is a person to do ? ? ? ? merci-thanks

  16. Karly says:

    I personally know so many people who are under 19 and have bought tickets and plan on attending Shambhala this year. It will be really funny to see whether they get past the gates or not.

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