The Shambhala Music & Performance Hall at Selkirk College

We went for a field trip today, to Selkirk College’s 10th Street Campus in Nelson.

From Left: Selkirk College President, Angus Graeme, with Anna Bundschuh, Jimmy Bundschuh and Corrine Zawaduk of Shambhala Music Festival..

Shambhala & Selkirk College announced that Shambhala will contribute $75,000 toward the revitalization of Selkirk College’s performance and rehearsal space (formerly Studio 80).

Shambhala’s contribution put the college over its $150,000 fundraising goal for the facility and enables the purchase and installation of new seats, lighting and sound equipment.

“We are, of course, thrilled,” said Director of Communications and Development, Barry Auliffe. “We can now complete the studio with the equipment and upgrades needed to stay on the cutting edge of music and performance training. This provides a colossal advantage for Selkirk’s Contemporary Music and Technology students! It’s exciting for the community as well—we will now have a professional, high tech venue in which to enjoy performances.”

The donation grants Shambhala Music Festival the naming rights to the performance space formerly known as Studio 80. The new name for the state of the art theatre will be

Shambhala Music and Performance Hall”.

From left: Jimmy, Sue, Anna, Grace, Corrine, John (Behind: Rick)

“We wanted to choose a name that encompasses what both our festival and community are about,” said Corrine. “Shambhala is a celebration of music, art and life. Nelson is rich in all of these things and Selkirk College is a big part of it. We want to support the growth in each of these areas and this is an ideal opportunity to do just that.”

In the atrium of the new residence building that houses the theatre, Jimmy, Corrine and Anna unveiled the (temporary) sign bearing the performance space’s new name.

Their parents, Rick & Sue Bundschuh (owners of the Salmo River Ranch) and their grandparents, John & Grace De Montreuil (Sue’s parents), were present for the announcement.

John & Grace De Montreuil traveled from Kelowna to support their grandchildren.

Sue turned to me at one point and said, “Aren’t you proud of them?” I smiled and said, “Yeah, but not as proud of you! How great is it that your kids do stuff like this?” She was practically glowing.

Proud Mama Sue with Jimmy & Anna.

This is a huge moment for us, and we’re very excited to be able to contribute to our community in this way.

“We looked at our five-year plan, and where we wanted to head in the future. We have a lot of creative ideas we want to work on with the festival and we really think that innovation is important. This is a great opportunity to link in with an educational institution,” said Corrine.

About the Renovation Project

In November 2009 Selkirk College received funding to renovate the entire Tenth Street Residence building in Nelson. The work included mechanical and structural upgrades to the studio and replacement of interior finishes but did not cover costs associated with equipment, lighting, recording technology or seating.

In November 2010 Selkirk committed to raising $150,000 for the studio through its “Count Me In” campaign. The goal was to replace the 80 well-worn seats with 108 new ones and to buy and install new lighting and sound equipment. The target has now been attained, with Shambhala making the single largest contribution.

Many donors have contributed to the success of the Count Me In campaign, including the awarding of $50,000.00 in grant funding through the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT). These funds were eligible through their matching fund program for community development. Shambhala’s donation made it possible for Selkirk’s eligibility for SIDIT funding.

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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9 Responses to The Shambhala Music & Performance Hall at Selkirk College

  1. djsuplex says:

    Great NEWS!!! GREAT work!

  2. Blue Walker says:

    Fantastic news!!! Congrats 🙂

  3. Alla says:

    so great, lots of smiles 🙂

  4. jaywiliiams says:

    Congrads Family! Excellent Legacy! True Respresentation and Support for the Community 🙂

  5. Gerry B says:

    It brings tears to my eyes, this is soo great i am very happy to see music education and a place for people to develop creativity through music. Well DONE Shambhala

  6. kaileahmarin says:

    Such a wonderful thing! 🙂

  7. Kathtitao says:

    I would tell the world about this!!! what a fine example of a location based and designed festival that has reached world class status.

    If our authorities continue to facilitate the growth of Canadian born festivals, it brings about much much more to the community in which it exists.

    Shambhala is a fine corporate citizen and an even better soul for music and community in our world.

  8. wonderful news, wonderful people, wonderful life.

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