Didn’t get a ticket? DON’T PANIC! A message from Stubbs

Hey folks,

While browsing our page this morning, I came across a post that I’d like to share. The post is by Chris Stubbs, a long-time Shambhala pre-show volunteer with the Rock Pit crew, and an avid festival goer. He works hard throughout the year…and plays really hard in the summer. Just the way it should be.  In light of yesterday’s online sell-out, he’s got some advice for those of you who still need tickets.

Friends and Farmily,

Shambhala’s 7500 online tickets sold out last nite after a mere 17 days of being onsale.
This is unprecedented and far far beyond anyone’s expectations.

I know many of you missed the boat and are feeling disapponted and desperate right now. This is understandable.

There are another 2000 tickets that will be distributed in small batches to stores throughout BC and AB in the coming weeks. These will sell out in minutes, but there is still hope for those of you dedicated enough to make it to the front of those line ups when they happen.

But for the rest of you, and that’s who this message is directed to, you may be willing at this panicked moment to do or pay whatever the cost just to secure a ticket. But I implore you DO NOT SUPPORT SCALPERS. 

Some people will be selling tickets for $500 and up. This behavior is NOT acceptable and should not be supported. If no one buys tickets at outrageous prices, then these fucks who are attempting to turn more of a profit than the organizers who dedicate their entire year to make this event happen, will be forced to drop their prices.

My advice is to hold out. Just wait. Many of the tickets, I feel were bought in haste and as show time draws nearer, some people will discover they can not attend after all, and those tickets will become available for purchase.

I noticed also this year that many face value tickets emerged closer to the show after a period of panic and extreme scalping took place when the show sold out in May.

Most of the people that attend our beautiful gathering in the woods realize that selling tickets to turn a massive profit goes against the very essence of what Shambhala is and what it stands for. The group of people that want to do that is quite small and if they are shunned and ridiculed for their deplorable behavior, then perhaps we can decrease that number.

I know we will never, in a capitalist society, be rid of scalpers, but at least we can make sure that they only make $50 or $100 profit rather than the cost of another ticket or more (!!).

One more thing, if you do buy a secondhand ticket, DO NOT do so though the mail, ensure you don’t get scammed by meeting them in person and examining the ticket before purchasing.

I wish you all luck and send my love your way in hopes you get what you want.
If I could buy 100 tickets and give them out for free I would.

Much Love.
See you on the dance floor!!

-Christopher Stubbs

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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17 Responses to Didn’t get a ticket? DON’T PANIC! A message from Stubbs

  1. Dubgee says:

    I agree. Do not purchase a ticket from scalpers. Instead, wait it out and have good faith. Last year a mere couple of days before the event, me and my friends were able to find 4 tickets from people that couldn;t make it because emergencies and other things came up. SO wiat up and keep your head up!

  2. Jeff kirdeikis says:

    Hey there, I’ve already got my ticket to sham this year, but I’d absolutely love to volunteer and be able to pass my ticket on to my broke girlfriend. I’m a certified Emergency Medical Responder, so I’d love to volunteer on the medical aid side of things. That being said I would graciously volunteer at any position that needed filling at all. Get back at me, thanks alot

  3. The spirit of this festival is exactly why I want to be part of it, and this post reflects that spirit beautifully! My son sold a second ticket at face value last year when the person he was going to go with couldn’t make it, and you’re right, after a brief period of exhorbitant scalper prices, many were available at face value or lower on Craig’s List and Used Victoria. I bought an extra ticket online this year because I know some of his friends were paying tuition and couldn’t come up with the money, and will sell it at face (or below) value. Thanks for all the work you put into this, it is indeed, a beautiful thing and I can’t wait to enjoy the first of many Shambhala festivals this coming August.

  4. MamaBear50 says:

    Well I agree too as last year was my first year at Shambhala and won’t miss another. I am taking my daughter this year and did not get tickets but I have faith that I will be able to purchase 2 tickets from a store merchant. I refuse to pay scalpers and so should the rest of the family. so if there are any tickets to be had the good Lord will find me.

  5. MamaBear50 says:

    Hey there I am a nursing assistant at a long term care facility here in Fort St. John and would love to volunteer in the first aid tent if needed too and then I would only have to find one ticket for my daughter

  6. blargh says:

    greed begets greed … if you don’t purchase from scalpers, eventually there won’t be any. i know quite a few less than desirable jerks who ended up with extra tickets last year that they couldn’t sell due to being determined to sell them for $450+. it sucks that their greediness kept other people from attending, but is sort of sweet justice that they got stuck with more tickets than dollars.

  7. A Z says:

    I hope when you say tickets distributed to stores in AB you mean Calgary! While my paypal transfer was processing the tix sold out online. UNREAL!

  8. Ryan says:

    Nevermind all this, what is panty cannon!!??!?!? I’m excited!

  9. 123chase says:

    Thanks for the hopeful info on finding tix…after my first shambs 2011, and the gift of the most amazing tophat!, I want to be a shambassador volunteer next year. I would truly love to share with others what ive learned from shambhala.. most amazing experience of my life. where can i apply?

  10. D says:

    I had a feeling this would happen. During the mad rush for tickets friends and I discussed “buying a few extra”. It’s a nice feeling when everybody in the group says that they’re good with just what they need and opts to leave the rest for others.

    These guys will get burned in the end if we make it happen! DON’T BUY at more that $50 over cost. This event hasn’t grown by 300% over night. Yes its gaining popularity but this run on tickets was simply a few people grabbing a few extra’s…

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  13. pangiel says:

    I believe this situation needs to be handled by Shambhala policy makers. The scalper problem will not go away unless you intervene. Purchases are through Pay Pal, so the ticket buying limits should be applied to accounts or addresses, not days. Allowing one person to buy tickets each day from one account and have them shipped to one address is a problem; it can be handled by corporate (public relations) strategy. I suggest putting together a communications report: addressing the problem, researching to find solutions, analyzing solutions, and making recommendations for the problem. Expecting individuals to tackle the problem at the consumer level is not in the best interests of your business or your supporters; it creates frustration for both the Shambhala staff and the loyal attendees. Good public relations strategies will benefit both your organization and its publics. I could do some research and send you a proposal if you like. There is always a way to satisfy the needs of the business and the public; it just requires strategic planning. Hopefully next year there will be a strategy in place to help alleviate the problem. Good luck to all those in search of tickets! I hope many scalpers this year lose their initial investments and get to keep their overpriced tickets –– and their bad karma.

  14. Jordan Putnam says:

    I agree, i remember last year after it sold out i was panicked, however, i ran a kijiji search for available tickets tuesday night (the night we were driving to salmo, around midnight) and I was seeing tickets selling for as cheap as 4 for $400, if everyone honestly just waits scalper will be forced into selling at market/reduced prices. Since it is a 4 day event of music, they will panic about dropping the tickets once the dead line dips within 2 weeks of the show.
    Be strong!

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