Adventures at Ticket Stores!

On December 3rd 2011, Shambhala tickets were released in stores. What an exhilarating day it was!! Shambhala staff members traveled to each location and here are their stories! 

Melissa Shulga, Director of Human Resources – Big Cranium, Nelson BC

“As we pulled up to the store on that chilly Saturday morning, it was easy to identify the hard-cores,

all set up in their lawn chairs and full winter gear. The doors opened, and the place was packed with smiling faces. One of the best parts of the whole day was seeing everyone’s expression as their tickets were being handed to them. It was as if things would go into slow motion as they played and moved the holograph to reveal all its secrets.

Only a handful of people had heard about our raffle in advance and prepared for it, the rest took the time that day to either go back home or to the grocery store… or raid their friends pantries in some cases. We even had at least a handful of people who insisted on donating without entering the raffle, including Paddy and the rest of the crew at Big Cranium! I was stoked with the amount of donations we received – approximately 150lbs worth of food in 8 hours!

All in all I just feel so proud to have played a small a part of this. Thank you so much to everyone else who made it happen!” 

Britz Robins, Social Media Director – Big Cranium, Nelson BC + online

“Instead of sitting in the office by myself, I went mobile with my “Social Media Command Centre,” and set myself up at Big Cranium. In fact, that’s my computer sitting on the counter in the photo above.

The store itself was pretty quiet, but there was a steady stream of people coming in all day to purchase tickets.

Online was another story. You guys kept me busy! Between tweets, updates + photos coming in from other locations, and answering your questions on Facebook (not to mention too many cups of yerba mate), it was a busy day!

From the time the first person posted that they had their ticket in hand, to the first ticket picture posted, to the inevitable following video of the hologram, you guys were connected, and it was a pleasure to chat without throughout the day!”

Sara Victor, Ticket and Vendor Administrator — Grassroots, Calgary AB

“It’s December and I’m in Calgary, yet I’m feeling the energy of Shambhala in the air.

As I park my car and turn the corner approaching Grassroots on 10th St, I see the end of a line-up that appears to be a couple blocks long.  My pace quickens as I approach the crowd, and I pull out my camera to catch a shot of what seems to be over two hundred people waiting to purchase their Shambhala ticket. Some folks are even dressed in their festival wear – giant hoods and colourful scarves – the excitement is tangible as the legendary wave “Shambhalaaaa!!!!!” passes through us. I couldn’t be more stoked that all these people will be coming back to the Koots in August.

Hanging out in Grassroots that day was as magical as being at the gate on opening day. The sheer exhilaration experienced by every person just to get their ticket infused me with love and even more passion for what I do. About a third of people waiting in line had already purchased their ticket online and went to support their friends – waiting in line for five hours just to support their friends – truly the spirit of Shambhalove. There were parents, Shambhala veterans and virgins – everyone talking about how much Shambhala inspires them to be filled with love, and that having this little “get together” reminded them why they are waiting in line to get their tickets.

The energy in the store was contagious! The store owners Jenn and James were bubbling with happiness – and Jenn thankfully didn’t go into labour until yesterday- congratulations on your new baby!! David Lee of Electrofur brought in his glowing fuzziness, and Chris Stubbs, Rock Pit all-star, was taking food donations and giving out raffle tickets. Together we collected 235 lbs of food for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank – thank you so much to every one of you!

By mid-afternoon we had numbered up to three hundred people – and the line didn’t start to die down until the snow came. By 5 pm things had calmed – though we were still reeling from the intense experience. I was so touched by the lovelies I met in line, so enforced in my belief that Shambhala truly is a creation of love that is fed and maintained by those who attend the festival. Now, sitting in my office watching the snow fall on the mountains, I package tickets for online sales with a smile in my heart, thinking about the excitement every person feels when they receive their golden ticket. From my heart to yours, I love you all.”

ricardO Hubbs, Cultural Development Dir. – Grassroots, Calgary AB

“Calgary, I love you.  The Shambhala energy you so beautifully expressed in the line-up was infectious.  Thank-you for making my job worth gold, you are all treasure!”

Caitlin Gladdish, Talent Assistant – Shell Shock, Edmonton AB

“My experience at Shell Shock on the first day of Shambhala ticket sales was extremely fun and also very inspiring. Seeing all the dedicated Shambhalites lined up in -20 weather – some even camped out from the night before – with deep hopes of getting their frozen mittens on the much desired 2012 tickets.

Watching all their frigid rosy cheeks come into the store out of the bitter cold and leaving with big smiles, warm on the inside and out – with the excitement building inside them for their favorite festival.

Many people brought lots of food items to support the food bank here in Edmonton. At the food bank they were very pleased and thankful to receive 180lbs of donations from the festival goers – especially since it’s held in a different province. The thoughtfulness and caring of all you guys that make the festival what it is touches everyone…

I would also like to give many thanks to all the crew at Shell Shock, who made the day even brighter with their awesome uplifting spirits – everyone left happy and satisfied.”

Christine Hunter, Talent Manager – Beatstreet, Vancouver BC

Lowpass TV Presents: Shambhalove!

“The day started off nice and early at 7:30AM when Holly Thompson (1 of 4 of my amazing kick ass show time assistants, and one of my closest homegirls) awoke on my old roommate’s couches Jake ‘Dubconscious’ Langmuir in East Van. Quick trip to a coffee shop where a triple shot espresso was on the order and a quick drive to downtown and we were there.

Upon walking up to Beatstreet Records, where our release was, we were curious if Vancouver people would be waiting in-line and sure enough upon our arrival at 9:30AM we were greeted by 200+ ppl wrapped around Homer Street off Hastings. We were wearing our purple showtime lanyards, so people figured out quick as we approached that we worked with Shambhala. As we got closer the excitement built up with the people in line and the cheering commenced. We quickly went inside to prep with Avi and Hubbz Beatstreet employees for opening in 1/2hr.

We commenced the ticket release at 10:00AM sharp with enthusiastic Shambha-veterans, virgins, parents and cousins entering the store to start buying their golden tickets. Our first lucky ticket purchaser was Julia Stuckenberg who started to stand in line at 12:00AM! Throughout the short day we had all walks of life come into the store, telling us their stories and experiences.

One of our favorite quotes from the day was from a Jarod Dixon here in the plaid shirt, “I can already taste the dust”. This will be Jarods 9th Shambhala!

By noon we we’re already about 60% sold-out. Shortly after 12:00PM our DJ’s arrived to lay down some music down for us on the 1’s & 2’s: Bevvy Swift (Scratchy of Glitchy & Scratchy who performed on the Pagoda Stage 2011), Application aka Darby who works with the Pagoda Stage at show time and is also a local from Kaslo and DJ Dubconscious who graced the Living Room Stage in 2011.

6:00PM and we we’re officially sold out!! What a day we had chatting with everyone and seeing all the happy faces. I’d like to thank Beatstreet Records Avi & Hubbz and especially the DJ’s and Holly Thompson for coming out and supporting our community we call Shambhala!

Big thanks to everyone for bringing in the food donations – we collected about 150 lbs of food for the local Vancouver food bank! Huge congrats to Zoe Collins, raffle winner, who is pictured on the right w/ the black jacket, joined with her sister Christie and the Avi from Beatstreet in the background holding it down!

Until next year, Steener”

JGirl Footwerk, Fractal Forest Store Manager – Hemp City, Kelowna BC (Dec 30th)

“That was a lot of fun! Woohoo!! Everyone in line were SUPERSTARS! There were a few dedicated people who planned for the wait and brought home made sandwiches. Good thing Kelowna’s weather is mild during the winter. The thermometer checked in at a sunny and balmy +11. Grizz Lee played tunes as folks got their sunnies out and grooved out until the ticket sale began. Congratulations to our two ticket winners Mike Arnally & Manuel Kopp. They were the first two in line. Everyone else had smiles from ear to ear as they got the gold coloured tickets into their hands. People in Kelowna are now extra stoked for the countdown to Shambhala.”

Official Stats:

Congratulations to the happy ticket winners of the food drive draws!

Nelson – Theron Geeraert

Salmo- Kourtenay Olson

Calgary- Roxanne Avray

Edmonton- Andrew Brown

Vancouver- Zoe Collins

Thank you to everyone for the amazing amount of food donations! Together we collected 765 lbs for your local food banks!!

Nelson Food Cupboard- 150 lbs

Salmo Food Bank- 50 lbs

Calgary Interfaith Food Bank- 235 lbs

Edmonton Food Bank- 180 lbs

Vancouver Greater Food Bank- 150 lbs

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