Worker Applications Available!


One of our most successful events to date – and we have you to thank for it!!

2012 Work Applications – Available Monday, January 30th.

Volunteer applications are now available! Here’s the link!

Click Here for the 2012 Worker App

We’re also working on updating our 2012 volunteering page on our website. We’re having some formatting issues, but expect it will be online and available tomorrow. Keep an eye out.

Want to Help Out?


Shambhala is not just run by fairies and unicorns; it takes lots of people to make it all come together too! Whether you want to give back a little or a lot, please take the time to fill out an application so we can get a better idea as to who you are.

If this will be your first year ever coming to the farm, we suggest applying for a volunteer position. If you do apply for a staff position, please understand that you will be committed to work nearly the entire duration of the festival.

Returning to the Farm?

Hey Farmily!

Are you in for another wicked year!? Please take the time fill out an application this year, and be sure to include all your previous work history. Whether you were a volunteer, staff member, or even management, all crew members will be required to fill one out. These applications will turn into your new worker profiles, so help us to keep all your info accurate and up-to-date.

We welcome all to re-apply, however, only those who have received an invitation back will be guaranteed a position.

Work Details For Volunteers and Staff

We cannot accept workers who:

– Are under the age of 19

– Cannot legally work in Canada*

  • Non-Canadians who are in the country on a valid Canadian work visa, or have permanent resident status can volunteer. Documentation must be provided in these cases.

Selection & Placement:

All workers are chosen based on skills, experience, attitude, and the needs of our teams. Preference is given to those who have a good past working relationship with the festival, though we do consider new eligible applicants for almost every position.

Volunteer Deposit:

All applicants are required to pay a refundable $300 deposit upon submission of the application.

Deposits are gathered to ensure that new or limited experience workers will fulfill their minimum required hours for the festival.  Shambhala Music Festival does not keep deposits, except in the event that a worker does not fulfill their shift requirements.

Deposits are returned to workers upon verification that they have completed their shifts, and the majority are returned by the end of the festival. If the worker does not pick up their deposit at the festival or additional verification is needed, deposits may be held for up to two weeks after the festival, and will be mailed to the individual.

Workers with 2 or more years experience with us will be refunded their deposit within 60 days of application.

Workers who are not eligible for a position will also be refunded within 60 days of application.

If you are not accepted for the 2012 festival, please do not feel discouraged. There are only so many positions available (approx. 450), and that many more talented folks who want to help out. We hope to see you apply again next time.

Manager's Meeting, Sun. July 31, 2011

First Aid mends a toe.

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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10 Responses to Worker Applications Available!

  1. Lucka says:

    YAY!!! I will check back often!!! 🙂

  2. Shawna says:

    Aw man! My 19th is only 2 weeks after the festival. So close!

  3. Larry Haines says:

    I am excited and ready to roll up my sleeves and help again , I have retired now and this is the 1st event I am helping out with . Nice to give something back .

  4. kevin cote says:

    when do you start taking resumes for employment? I worked 2011 and I wanna come back for 2012!!

  5. christopher gibbs says:

    how come it is necessary to pay cash to send the application …… i spent 90 min filling out the application and then asked for card to pay with and i do not have that was very frustrating to lose all the hard work

  6. ruth says:

    do you accept vendors?

  7. Edna Bowser says:

    Are you still accepting applications? July 20th now.

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