Tips for buying tix from 3rd parties safely

Hello Farmily!

It’s that time again – those of you who don’t have tickets to Shambhala 2012 and are determined to get here are probably starting to think, “Oh crap, I need to find a ticket.”

Sadly, I have already heard of someone being ticket scammed for 2012. =( Which means it’s time to repost information about purchasing a ticket as safely as possible when dealing with 3rd parties. Please share this with your social network – it’s the worst feeling hearing about a friend or fellow farmily member being taken advantage of!

Buying from 3rd Parties

Ok, so now that you know what your safest options for purchasing tickets are, we need to address the fact that some of you are going to buy from 3rd parties. We expect there will be some scrambling to get a ticket from any possible source you can find – so we want to provide you with some information to protect yourself from fraud.

Shambhala does not take responsibility for tickets sold through 3rd parties, does not verify sales, and cannot guarantee the validity of tickets. It is up to you to protect yourself from fraud. However –

We recommend the following:

  • See what information the seller will give you. They should be able to send you a copy of the transaction receipt so that you know the order is legitimate, or be able to tell you the store they bought it in.
  • Be cautious when purchasing tickets through Craigslist or Kijiji or any other classifieds website. This is historically where most of the scams happen. Other options: We have a Ticket Trading Post on our website’s forums (you will need to sign up for an account if you don’t have one already), or you can try the Shambhala Facebook page / event page.
  • Where possible, buy tickets through referrals from friends you trust. We cannot stress this enough!!! It’s always safer buying from within your own social network. You’re a lot less likely to get scammed by a friend of a friend.
  • We cannot offer any advice on the exchange of tickets / money, except that, if at all possible MEET UP IN PERSON to do the exchange. We have heard stories of both ticket sellers and ticket buyers being scammed by sending money in advance of receiving tickets, and vice versa. Trust your intuition – if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
  • If you are purchasing a “Will Call” ticket, then there are certain pieces of identification that you will require from the person you are purchasing from in order to pick up the ticket at the show. Please see “How do I pick up my ticket from ‘Will Call’” in the Will Call section of our Ticket FAQ.

Once again, Shambhala does not guarantee the validity of any tickets purchased privately, will not verify sales, and does not assume any responsibility for ticket fraud – tickets purchased from 3rd parties are bought at your own risk.

We love you all and urge you take the proper steps to protect yourselves from ticket fraud!

And also, a reminder to those of you with extra tickets:


If you have extra Shambhala tickets, be mindful and compassionate. You wouldn’t take advantage of your own family – and we Shambhazens – we’re all FARMILY. Sell extra tickets for a fair price (or, consider simply giving a ticket to someone. It’ll feel great – you could change someone’s life). Let’s bring all our brothers and sisters Home to dance under the stars with us. ♥

“I gave my spare ticket away in line in 2009 to a guy who was asking for money to buy a ticket. Pretty sure I made his festival as well as got my Shambhala experience started off with a bang. Much more fulfilling than scalping it.” – Chris Meyer, from the Shambs FB Page

(Oh yeah, and check out this other great blog post by Rock Pit Volunteer, Stubbs, about not supporting scalpers and inflated prices. “Didn’t get a ticket? DON’T PANIC!”)

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  1. cheryl gray says:

    I would be forever grate4ful for 2 tickets to the festival to celebrate my deceased sons 33 yrs of life ane to bring closer for sons sudden death, a time to celebrate new life. thankyou

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