New Beginnings Blog #2

Hey Shambhalovelies! Today we continue with our guest blogs from different departments throughout the office. Last month, we decided to write blogs on the theme of “New Beginnings” – an appropriate theme for the first month of a new year. Today we have a blog from Rhiannon Daloise, another new addition to our team. Enjoy! =) ~ Britz

New Beginnings Blog #2

by Rhiannon Daloise, Accounts Receivable

Well, this is it – my first attempt at a “blog”.

Considering I had to ask someone what a “blog” was – well, this will be a learning experience. Another one to tack onto all the other learning experiences I’ve had during the past few weeks.

You see, I was hired by Shambhala in December with my first day of work being January 5, 2012. One of the things that I have learned is that I’m part of the 2012 Shambhala Virgin crew. Yep, it’s true – I’ve never been to Shambhala! Luckily for me, Anna, Jimmy and Corrine decided that wasn’t a mandatory requirement to do the job I’ve been hired for. Whew!

Every day I leave work, and I’m simply amazed at all the new things that I’ve learned. Everyone here has been so patient and supportive, and I’m learning how to relax – something I’m not that good at accomplishing. The people here are amazing! I’ve worked for government offices where they talk about being diverse, but here – it’s just a way of life. I’m super excited to be working with people that have such interesting backgrounds and history – all of which they have been willing to share with me.

I might be new to the group right now, but I can see that one day in the future I’ll look at the calendar and realize that I’m having my 10th year anniversary. And I’m excited about that! Thanks Shambhala!

(Welcome to the Team, Rhiannon! ~ Love from all the Office Farmily!)

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