2012 BASScamp Art Gallery @ Shambhala Music Festival

by Simon Haiduk, Curator of the BASScamp Art Gallery

It’s 2012! Shambhala 2012! Apocalyptic Shambhala?

Art is often created as expression of the spirit of our times…so what does the art tell us? For the last 8 years that I’ve been involved with the art gallery Shamabhala, under it’s different titles, and locations, typically the art has been a reflection of some of the extraordinary and often mystical experiences people have at Shambhala. Weather it’s the peak experiences of Justin Guse, the dancing dream-scapes of house artist Meghan Hildebrand, the sacred altars of Autumn Skye Morrison and George Atherton, or the fractal forests of Andy Thomas and Simon Haiduk, there is something in the chosen art that people really resonate with as a connection to their time at this epic event. Over and over again, people express their deep gratitude for the space and the chosen art.  For many people it is a sanctuary with art that reflects a deeper part of their journey, or simply a space to take time out from the sound stages and feed on the “eye candy”. The gallery continues to evolve as a main feature and we are now happier than ever to have our second year in BASSCamp. As another year comes around we are also looking for new artists whose work to exhibit, and you are here invited to download an application for submissions here: http://shambhalagallery.weebly.com/

Applications MUST be in by May 31st  to be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact: shambhalagallery@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing what your art has to say as an expression of the current times, your experience at Shambhala, a message to the world, or just something beautiful that you want to share.

You can see more pictures of last year’s gallery HERE.

Check out a video of the 2011 Gallery Here:

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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1 Response to 2012 BASScamp Art Gallery @ Shambhala Music Festival

  1. Jorin Quinn says:

    I found myself frequenting the art tent, Saturday night I remember coming in and basking in all of the glory that these pictures brought, I cried when I reached the majestic forest ones. Thank you for such a beautiful display.

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