Farm Phresh Smoothies – Be Awesome Today!

“Let your food be they medicine, and they medicine be they food”-    Hippocrates

            “Our mission is clear- we simply must create the best smoothie bar… ever.”

Is it possible? To create the funkiest, healthiest, most energizing destination Shambhala has ever seen? To painstakingly taste superfood smoothie after superfood smoothie, organic snack after organic snack? Select the most charismatic, engaging, absolutely envigorated staff in all of Canada?

Of course it is! – you just need the right people for the job.

We’re Zan and Seyemon,

Owners of local superfood confectionary company Harmonic Resonance. Armed with the most nourishing foods on the planet, a dedication to barrier free nutrition for all people, and the help of our superfood loving 6 month old daughter, we have been nourishing our community for almost two years.

Yum! E3Live!

Running Harmonic Resonance has been a pathway to realizing our wildest dreams. 2011 saw us on tour with superfood guru David Wolfe, and most excitingly, running our SuperFood Elixir Bar in the Labyrinth Stage at Shambhala.

We worked 20 hours a day without breaks, with Zan 6 months pregnant, but our joy and dedication brought us out smiling, and honoured to have provided the service of nourishing the brains and bodies of so many at Shambhala. As we drove off the farm in the dusty August heat, we had no idea what would be ahead in 2012.

Through being in the right place at the right time, we have the honourable job of organizing and supply this years Farm Phresh Smoothie Bar.

(Britz Note: Zan & Seyemon have come up with an incredible selection of smoothies. Us ShambOffice folks have been lucky enough to be some of the guinea pigs! All I can say is – WOW! You are going to love them!)

Smoothie tasting at Shambhala Studios!

We have designed a menu with smoothies and boosters to specifically assist the needs of Shambhala goers – quick fast nutrition to keep the brains and bodies optimally nourished, for balanced decision making, mental clarity, and energy to dance from sun rise, to sun down, and around again! Our fully organic confectionary case will be jam packed with Harmonic Resonance’s best products- superfood energy balls, chocolate covered spheres of goodness, and the soon to be infamous Shambutternutcrunch Bar- so good.

One of the aspects we find most exciting aspect of Farm Phresh is the ability to make a difference, on a massive scale. We are dedicated to doing our best to reach as many of the 14,000 people in site during show time, and share with them awareness about the power of choice, living lives without compromising their values. For example, Farm Phresh is not only choosing mostly organic food, wherever possible we chose companies and farms that respect their growers and staff, and pay them enough to enjoy a rich quality of life- the likes of which we are so fortunate to enjoy here.

We’re excited to have the choices we make at Shambhala extend past Shambhala to create a better, more sustainable,  healthier future for all 7 billion of us.

Be sure to stop by- we’re so excited to serve you!

Excited about Farm Phresh? Check out the Night Owl Hot Brews, too!

Farm Phresh Building Construction

Tasty chocolate smoothie shot!

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2 Responses to Farm Phresh Smoothies – Be Awesome Today!

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  2. Meriah says:

    Zan & Seye & Leeyela truly live up to their promises with the emotions that flow thru you when you experience their products! All I can say is WOW!!

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