Two Summer Entries from Martin the Pine Marten

June 28th, 2012

What is going on with this weather?  Some days I head down to the river and I can get out onto the beach and sometimes the water is raging so strong and high that I can’t even make it past the dome before I’m underwater.

There are plenty of humans about working on a couple of new structures with all manner of heavy equipment.  There seems to be about half a dozen characters that I seem to be seeing regularly.  There are a couple of days each week where the regular guys aren’t seen and there are more groups of people, that I don’t recognize so well, working at the structures in the forest.

I’m thankful that I don’t have to work in the rain as these guys have been doing over the last few weeks, but they are tough and full of the right stuff… Men who have never eaten quiche.

If the previous few years are anything to go by, in a couple of weeks the numbers of tents up all over the land will just start growing and growing until that big few days where you can’t get out the door to catch lunch without having to climb your way over the top of hundreds of brightly coloured silky contraptions!

July 22nd, 2012

Ok its been a little bit since my last entry but there has been so many new buildings to explore.

This place has been getting steadily busier since the “The Vollys,” as the humans call them, have arrived..  The smells of food wafting across the property are fantastic, they must be having some top grub!  I’ve been trying to conjure up a plan to sneak a meal from them…

There are plenty of vehicles moving around transporting materials and people.  Some areas of the farm are considerably noisier than others but I’m just glad the activity here in the warehouse is limited to concrete mixing and those guys with the black hands doing whatever it is that they do under vehicles.

So the pigs are multiplying again.  I was looking for seeds down by the pig pen a couple of days ago and I watched a bear break open the pig pen.  One of the heavily pregnant pigs (I hope I’m not mistaking it for a mere weight issue) took off into the swamp and The Farmer spent a full day looking around for her.  He ended up getting some help when he put a reward out to help him find her.  They ended up finding her this morning and thankfully, she looked just as heavy as she did when she escaped – her piglets would have made a snack for wild animals if she’d given birth out there, god-knows-where.

They found her just in the nick of time, too – she ended up giving birth later today.

A piglet from the last litter, born 2 weeks ago.

The cows seem quite excited by all the activity.  I have no idea why they insist on stomping on people’s tents when they aren’t around. The cows haven’t spoken to me since the packrat prank a few years ago but I assume that on a hot day they like to rest in the same shady places as the humans.  This morning I noticed a couple of them somehow finding their way into the downtown area.  Watching humans chase them around is highly entertaining.

Cows in ShambhaLodging

Until next time…

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