Tickets on Sale Nov 1st – Ten Tips to Read Before You Purchase

In preparation for 2013 ticket sales, we’ve got Ten Tips to Read before Purchasing your Shambhala Ticket:

If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered here, check out our Ticket FAQ on the website! Curious about the pricing info? Check out our 2013 Tickets Page!

#1 – All ticket purchases will happen online this year through the Shambhala website. In order to purchase, you must have a PayPal account. You can link up your checking account or credit card to your account, or you can deposit funds straight into it. Any of these options, including setting up an account, may not happen instantly, so be prepared!

#2 – Check and recheck that your mailing address, email address and phone number are correct to where you currently reside. These are our main ways of getting in touch with you!! NOTE that missing address information is the biggest reason that orders are returned to us. If you don’t have your apartment number listed, your order will come back and you will have to pay to get it reshipped.
**FYI: While we can help you out with ticket issues, we cannot answer all PayPal related questions – so if you are having issues with your account, you will need to call PayPal. We apologize for the inconvenience. A brief PayPal FAQ exists in our Ticket FAQ.**

#3 – ALL international (incl US) orders are kept at will call – no exceptions. All orders incur the same shipping/handling fee. Even if you live in Canada, you can still register your ticket for will call!! It is the most secure way to make sure that your ticket is kept safe while you journey to Shambhala! Please reference the Ticket FAQ for more information on this process and what you need in order to pick up your ticket.

#4 – Age limit: 19+. You can purchase a ticket if you’ll be 19 by the time of the event. Anyone born after August 5th 1994 will be denied entry. ID`s will be checked at the gate.

#5 – 3 tickets per purchase. All suspicious orders (incl multiple orders) will be investigated by our Ticket Administration. If you need to order multiple tickets (read: more than three) for a theme camp, wedding, or your family, email Ticket Administration and let us know!

#6 – All orders are subject to shipping/handling (Each order will incur an $11 shipping fee, and there will be a handling fee of $6 per ticket), and 12% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) – this tax is applied to all goods and services in British Columbia. Because the ticket is consumed in BC, HST applies to all tickets sold.

#7Orders will not be shipped until January 2013. Orders are shipped through Canada Post as registered mail – which means they need to be signed for an individual who lives at the address on the order. If you are waiting for your order – or if you are expecting a roommate or parent to sign for it – make sure they know!!! If you do not receive your order in hand at your house, it will be kept at your local post office for 10 days. Any refused orders are automatically sent back to us and you will have to pay the reshipment fee ($11+HST) to get it back out to you!

#8 – All tracking numbers are entered into PayPal and emailed to you AFTER orders are shipped, so you will receive an email notification when that occurs. Check for this number in your PayPal account if you do not receive the email! It is with your tracking number that you can keep an eye on your order – and this is especially important if you haven’t received the parcel pick up notice! Just input the tracking number on the Canada Post website to be kept updated!

#9 – While we can do our best to give you the tracking information for your order, sometimes the parcel pick up notices from the post office get lost or misplaced. So please keep an eye out for the tracking number (format: RW 123 456 789 CA) – and follow it!!!

#10 – If you are not able to pick up your order, email as soon as your order is placed and ask for your tickets to be kept at will call. This option is open to ANYONE who asks. If your order has not been shipped, there is no extra charge. If your order has already been shipped, or shipped and returned to us, you will have to pay the $11+HST S/H fee to register for will call.

***Any time that you email Ticket Administration, include your transaction ID***

**Shambhala does not reimburse or replace lost, stolen or unused tickets. Your ticket is your responsibility to protect. If you fear losing it, email as soon as you place your order and ask for it to be kept at will call!!**

If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered here, check out our Ticket FAQ on the website! Curious about the pricing info? Check out our 2013 Tickets Page!

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