Mailbag: Minnesota to Shambhala

I received a sweet, heartwarming message the other week from Evan Goergen about his first Shambhala experience this year. Made me smile. Just wanted to share.

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web_JESSE_MAZURICK _2012Shambhorama

Photo by Jesse Mazurick, SMF Media Team 2012

Hey Britz,

I was just thinking about Shambhala and I realized that I never thanked you for answering my questions and explaining into far detail about the festival and how the love literally flows through the air.

We traveled 1,500 miles not knowing what to expect.
All we knew was what we saw on YouTube and what you told me about the festival.


Photo by Cody Puckett, SMF Media Team 2012

I just wanted to personally thank you for introducing me to Shambhala, which was the first festival I had ever gone to.

Not kidding, the most life changing experience I have ever had.
In the best way possible.

If there was any place in the world that I could go, to find my inner self it would be Shambhala.

The faculty of Shambhala was the most caring group of people I have ever met in my entire life.


Photo by Ricardo Hubbs

The energy in the air, the feeling of complete peace, and the feeling of being safe all were present there.

There was no point in time where I was bored, there were always new neighbors that would spark up on conversation and the next thing you know 3 hours have passed and there is a group of 20 people at your tent site laughing, and having a great time.

web_Cody_Puckett2012Group tipi

Photo by Cody Puckett, SMF Media Team 2012

You know you had a good time when it hurt to smile anymore because the whole experience was filled with smiles, hugs, and laughter! ❤

There was no confrontations, arguing, fighting, or heated moments.

Everyone was living in such a peaceful manner with 10,000 people that they didn’t know.

It seemed drama was left outside of the festival and caring, love, support, and friendliness took its place.

Photo by Annastasia Fairbanks, SMF Media Team 2012

Photo by Annastasia Fairbanks, SMF Media Team 2012

Shambhala has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Whenever I’m slacking in school all the way over here in Minnesota, I think about Shamb and it gives me the encouragement to do better, and be a better person.

Shambhala, to be completely honest was the best week of my life.


Photo by Lindsay Donovan, SMF Media Team 2012

I changed after I left my new home. I respect my life, nature, and others so much more. I also appreciate the little things so much more. I will attend Shamb every year until the day I pass.

Thank you so much! ❤

-Evan Goergan, Minnesota, USA


Photo by Keri Knapp, SMF Media Team 2012

web__kerri_knapp_Shambhalah2012-092 copy

Photo by Keri Knapp, SMF Media Team 2012

About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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6 Responses to Mailbag: Minnesota to Shambhala

  1. Larry Haines says:

    What a beautiful story to read at this time of year

  2. Evan Goergen says:

    Thank you so much for posting this ❤
    Love you guys!!!!!

  3. K says:

    we feel ya Evan!

  4. korilyn says:

    this coming year will be my first year at shamb, ive been trying to get out there for over five years now but due to baby-rearing ive been home raising my beautiful young spawns. this is my year. and every time i read about this magical place, or hear stories from all my friends who go every year, i can already feel my heart swelling up to unimaginable proportions. i cant wait to feel the air on my face! 2013 here we cooooome! i cant wait to make memories like these ❤

  5. ScorpiusBlue says:

    ❤ sending love and light and hugs ❤

  6. Chuck Manley says:

    Just left my first Shambhala and I was googling looking for photos and found this page. The ones posted here are great. The media team sure know what they’re doing.

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