Marbles & ParticiPARTY, cont.

A while ago, we published a short, sweet comment from our Facebook page to the blog – the post was called “Losing Your Marbles” and based on the blog stats, you guys LOVED it.

A couple weeks later, I wrote a guest blog for All You Need Is Bass called “particiPARTY” – a call to action for all festival attendees to create a better festival experience for one another by sharing our gifts and moments of spontaneity that last forever in our memories.

One of the examples I used in that blog was the “Losing Your Marbles” story because I loved the simplicity and lasting impression it made.

((Side Note: particiPARTY is actually oddly similar to a project launched almost simultaneously by my friend Tucker The Festival Guy called #RageItForward. Check that out too!))

After the particiPARTY blog went online, I received this awesome message from Becca K about HER experience as a “Marble Girl” – dating back to Shambhala 2009. Love it.



“In 2009, as I prepared to embark on my first FULL ON festival summer, I was giddy with excitement of all the fun little quirky things I was bringing along. I seriously went home and rummaged through my old childhood toys to see what else might make an impression, or a laugh or a lasting memory for our trip.


Kate Dahlgren, SMF Media Team 2012

I had been to Shambhala in 2008, just for Sunday night, and it blew my mind!! It wasn’t just my first Shambhala – it was my first festival! My inner child had been awakened! Finally, a place to PLAY and experience the joys of life, outdoors, around thousands of like-minded people!


Photo by Keri Knapp, SMF Media Team 2012

That fateful Sunday night as I journeyed through the dimly lit pathways towards the pounding basslines, a girl stopped me and placed a little shell in my hand. She warmly closed my hand over the shell, smiled and genuinely said, “Here you go.”

I smiled back at her and genuinely said, “Thank you”.

web_JESSE_MAZURICK _2012DSC_0112

Photo by Jesse Mazurick, SMF Media Team 2012

It was so simple, but so warm and welcoming that it made a lasting impression on me. That was 2008.

In 2009 I thought to myself – I wanna bring something to give to my friends and strangers. Just a simple object, but enough to pass on that feeling that is created by our playful energies coming together, to dance, laugh, vibe and Party!

So… I brought with me a bag of Marbles.


Photo by Craig Symonds, SMF Media Team 2012

You know: Just in case you lose your marbles (which can very likely happen at a festival), here is a spare marble. Just in Case. You can pull it out when you lose your own. You can hold it in your hand after you go home – and you will feel the feeling again. 🙂

I’m not sure if I told you this story Britz, or if there are a few of us “Marble Girls” out there.

I genuinely hope there are many, many Marble Girls and Marble Boys spreading the positive vibes, the good feelings, the Shambhalove and sharing their amazing spirit with the people they encounter.


Photo by Cody Puckett, SMF Media Team 2012

This world can be a sometimes bleak and lonely place and having something to remember that there is Laughter, Dance, Community, Collaboration, and genuine people sharing their Goodness with each other is a feeling I want to try to hold onto.


Photo by Lindsay Donovan, SMF Media Team 2012

Speaking of which… I’m going to look for my marble!! Just wanted to share this with you.

Keep the PARTICIPARTY Goin Girl!!!”

Becca K.

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