The Amphitheatre (Formerly Rock Pit)


The Fractal Forest™


The Labyrinth & Nebula (Chill Stage)

lab3 soul fire edit

The Living Room


The Pagoda Stage


The Village Stage


About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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22 Responses to SHAMBHALA 2013 LINEUP

  1. Shauna says:

    i cant see anything it looks like there should be a picture but i am unable to see it… anyone else with this problem?? ❤

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  3. brandon says:


  4. Berko says:

    no MORD FUSTANG?????? C’mon!!!

  5. T. says:

    I want to go there.

  6. ASHLEE says:

    pull some strings sham, i know u can do it!!!

    • Aaron says:

      Who cares. Bassnectar lost it. Sounds like every other dubstep producer now. Griz amd Grammatik on the other hand are on another level!!!!

  7. vishoen says:

    Reblogged this on (HUM[AN)IMAL] and commented:
    This has been my day so far.. 😉

  8. Marksy says:

    Another amazing year it clearly indeed appears

  9. Why aren’t we in 2005? Tipper Downtempo set would be a dream ths year.

  10. At least we got good ol Rab!

  11. Kevin says:

    No Astrix lol come on now :p

  12. jay says:

    wow….. looks amazing to me… you should all just stop bitchin and get excited

  13. says:

    what a boring lineup ;( nothing new to see here

  14. dingus says:

    Fuck zeds dead, fuck mord fustang, fuck porter robinson, bassnectar is the shit but i could really careless with the lineup they put together because it unreal. one dj playing for 2 hrs doesnt make or break a festival. lastly Fuck all of your horse shit jamokes complaining about this limeup. This is hands down the most well put together balanced lineup you could ever ask for. Dont come if you dont like it , because people like you are exactly who arent wanted at this beautiful place any ways, Hit up boonstock or kelowna wake fest you turds

    • no good says:

      reason ur not sold out yet the lineup is crAp

      • no good says:

        reason boonstock kelowna wake n so on sell out is cause they have a line up!!!! … as well u can see excison or datsik practically on any tour in canada this summer i no shamb can do better i guess maybe next yr

      • Thanks for your comment. The other two fests you mention – Boonstock & COG in Kelowna, are both hugely corporately sponsored, which is why they can afford to bring in A-List EDM headliners.

        Shambhala is and has always been about up & coming electronic artists. We aim to bring a more unique electronic music experience to our attendees than the “massives” which all feature many of the same artists.

        Furthermore, Shambhala has been 100% non-sponsored for 16 years. This is both one our greatest strengths, and a limiting factor in how much we can spend on talent. Which is ok, because it builds such a unique lineup compared to other “EDM” events.

        Our lineup is a balanced selection of well-known artists, up and comers, as well as BC & AB regional / local artists. Don’t judge before you listen. 🙂 We’ve made artist exploration easy by including soundcloud, youtube, beatport & other social media links in each artist profiles. In many cases, you can sample their music without even leaving our site.

        You can also check out our Soundcloud page, to check out sounds from this year’s featured artists:

        Just because you haven’t heard an artist’s name before doesn’t mean they aren’t good!

        Got this great Tweet the other day:

        AbsolutePaul ‏@PaulSchmidke 17 Jun
        the @shambhala_mf artist profiles, coupled with @SoundCloud is making it so easy to discover new artists!

        Anyway, wherever you choose to dance this summer, we hope you enjoy yourself. 🙂

  15. B says:

    you want the same old same old then don’t come to the farm… it’s all about the love, the positive energy and what YOU bring out to play……. we don’t need or want you poopy pants spoiling the vibe anyways. can’t find anything you like? there’s a bluegrass jamboree down the road if that’s more your style… 😛 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! counting down to THE BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR….. sunday Aug 11… 11pm – 7am ——> this is how the west koots be doin it xxxxxxoooooo

  16. I cant wait to get my hands on the next Excision Shambhala mix! =D

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