A ShamBHALA Message From ill.Gates

Guest Post by Kevan McGovern, SMF Media Team 2012

In search of an interview with Dub FX and Flower Fairy for my
electronic music documentary, my crew and I fought tooth and nail
through all kinds of crazy ravers to enter the talent lounge Saturday
late afternoon. What we found instead was a plethora of other
shambhala djs and performers up in the treehouse so we asked them if
they wanted to have an on camera group discussion on electronic music.
Upon their consent it turned out to be possibly the best interview we
did throughout the whole festival, and we of course eventually ended
up on the question of what makes ShamBHALA so special. Dylan aka
ill.Gates was gracious enough to enlighten us. Enjoy!

– Kevan McGovern, Director of I/O (Input/Output)
———- > inputoutputfilm.com


About Shambhala Music Festival

It's all about the people on the dancefloor.
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4 Responses to A ShamBHALA Message From ill.Gates

  1. pantload says:

    As much as I respect Dylan, I think that he completely misses the mark with his comments. First, he talks about how Sham is a community created by the participants while in the same breath essentially excludes anyone who pronounces the name of the event differently than its inspiration and source. Not very ‘radically inclusive’ if you ask me, in fact, it’s elitist and lame.

    Secondly, the pronunciation of the Buddhist concept of ‘shambhala’ has little, if anything, to do with the event that takes place in Salmo. Words, concepts, and meanings change over time as they begin to take root in new cultures and the pronunciation – ShamBALA – is just an instance of that. For many of the participants, the signifier – Shambhala – signifies the event in Salmo independent of its meaning in the Buddhist lexicon. For a DJ/producer who relies heavily on samples and found sounds to hold a viewpoint that doesn’t allow for the shifting of meanings over time is the height of irony.

    Mad respect to Dylan and the Sham family.

    • Wanderer says:

      I have to agree with this comment. After reading the blurb above the video I was a bit taken aback by the actual content. As a light hearted comical rant? Sure it was funny. But it doesn’t make any of Pantload’s comments less valid. Shambhala is a positive, magical place where negativity doesn’t belong. Talking about douches, posers and haters (people who you may even get along with at Sham even if never in any other life situation) in such a manner essentially makes you one of said haters. Sorry Dylan. Love your work but wrong message to be sending out.

  2. Shizzler says:

    He said nothing about any of the stages? Whaaaaaaat..?

  3. really good says:

    Its just a name, would the real Shambhala (pronounced) correctly be run off of diesel fuel,consume mass amounts of drugs and alcohol and then leave behind a ton of garbage and waste?If Dylan really thinks you haven’t lived until going,maybe he needs to get out a bit more,(no another festival doesnt count).That being said Ive gone every year and love it. I pronounce it all kinds of silly ways,variety is the spice of life,ease up Dylan take a chill pill.

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