Everything you need to know about WILL CALL

SB Dan Berk

This is Dan.

Hey Shambhalovlies!

So, our Ticket Administrator, Dan, is getting A LOT of emails about the ticket ordering & pick up process now that we’re no longer shipping tickets.

We stopped shipping tickets as of NOON, June 28th, 2013 as a precaution, to make sure that you’re able to access your tickets by the time of the show. We want to make sure that throughout July, people aren’t anxiously waiting for tickets to be shipped to them, only to have their order hit their mailbox after they’re supposed to be On the Road to Shambhala.



So what is “Will Call“? It’s a pretty common box office term in North America that simply means, “for pick up.” That’s it. You pick your ticket up at the festival.

It sounds like a lot of you want to know a little bit more about Will Call before you order. That’s cool! We’ve got the details for you.

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^^^ Pick Up Your Tix Here ^^^

Here’s the super simple process for picking up WILL CALL tickets:

  • HIGH VOLUME TIMES: If the lineups in the Fairy Lot are long, parking staff will direct you to park in the Fairy Lot line.  Then you will walk back to the Reception building for Will Call (this way, you don’t lose your place in line).
  • LOW VOLUME TIMES: Drive toward the Reception building for Will Call. Park in designated Will Call parking area. 
  • To pick up a ticket YOU ordered: Present Reception Crew with your Paypal transaction receipt & 2 valid pieces of ID (1 piece of valid, gov’t issued photo ID, one supporting piece of ID).
  • To pick up a ticket SOMEONE ELSE ordered: Did a friend or family member buy your Will Call ticket for you? No problem – it’s almost the same process. Present Reception Crew with a copy of:
    • a Paypal transaction receipt for the order.
    • a photocopy of the valid, gov’t issued photo ID of the original purchaser.
    • a signed letter from the original purchaser giving you permission to pick up the ticket held under their name (the letter must include your full legal name, as it appears on your ID).
    • Your 2 valid pieces of ID (1 piece of valid, gov’t issued photo ID, one supporting piece of ID).
  • Pick up your pre-ordered tickets at Will Call.
  • Return to your vehicle to proceed to ticket processing.

That’s all there is to it!

This is where you pick up your Will Call tickets.

This is where you pick up your Will Call tickets.

Will Call is safe, easy and secure – your ticket is already at the festival, so you don’t have to worry about losing it or forgetting it.

Don’t wait! Grab your tickets soon! There have been a couple surges of ticket sales in the past week. See you in 18 days!

If you’re in Vancouver, Kelowna, Nelson or Calgary, you can also pick up tickets locally in one of our Ticket Stores!

Other Ticket Questions? Visit the Ticket WTFAQ?

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1 Response to Everything you need to know about WILL CALL

  1. Chuck Manley says:

    Thanks for the clear and concise information. Picking up my ticket at will call was a pain free experience. Thanks for the hard work!

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