Bassnectar: “Shambhala is one of the most special venues in North America.”

The Worlds of Imagination: Forbidden Gardens Tour hits Vancouver and Calgary this weekend, on Nov. 8th and 10th, respectively, then EDMonton on Nov. 22nd.

In anticipation, Calgary’s FREQ Magazine caught up with Lorin Ashton, better known as one of Shambhala’s all-time favourite performers, Bassnectar. They chatted about a few things, like the audio / visual treats in store for attendees of WoI, collaborating with and learning from other artists, and large events vs. smaller ones:

“[That is why] Shambhala is one of the most special venues in North America because it has no corporate involvement. …it holds a very special place in my heart. I played there for something like 12 years and I’m sure that I’ll be back.”

“One of the most special venues in NA.” …And he’s played many venues. That made us smile. : ) You hold a special place in our hearts too, Lorin.

Read the full article here.

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