FUNK HUNTERS: The Detour Podcast + More

Our friends, The Funk Hunters, have been insanely busy! The launch of a podcast series called The Detour, the debut of a new live show earlier in November, and an upcoming Australia/New Zealand tour in the New Year; they’ve got a lot on the go.

detourpodcastThe Detour Podcast – SO GOOD. I mean, Funk Hunters are always a good time. But the boys have been dreaming about doing a podcast series for a while to showcase some of their favourite music that they don’t normally get to play in their DJ sets or mixtapes. In their own words:

“…stuff that is really moving us nonetheless, and more often than not, the stuff that’s on constant repeat on our ipods! So….here it is. With no rules, no genre constraints, just good music to move your mind, body, and soul – Welcome to The Detour.”

The debut podcast has had 5500+ plays in just 6 days! And with good reason. It’s smooth, soulful and has just that right “something” to make you feel warm inside on these cold, monochrome pre-winter days. But don’t take my word for it – listen for yourself:

Listen. Download. Share. I recommend putting it on your iPod / smartphone immediately.

What else is good? The new Funk Hunters Live Show took over (a sold out) Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver in early November with a full live band including 4 turntables, custom visuals, 3 MCs, 1 vocalist, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, keytar, and organ! I heard nothing but good things about this show and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming video recap… not to mention hoping we see this set up at The AMPhitheatre Stage in 2014 – how dope would that be? Fingers crossed!

Those of us in Nelson, BC are lucky enough to have The Funk Hunters visiting us this weekend on Friday, November 29th – not only for a show at Spirit Bar, but also for (what I think may be the first ever) “Faceplant Funk Jam” hosted by Nelson Brewing Company at Mike’s Place Pub. Fractal Forest’s infamous funk jam format meets mountain culture to celebrate snow, funk and beer. The Funk Hunters will be sharing the stage with local DJs Cass Rhapsody and Rafferty Funksmith until the party moves downstairs to Spirit for the full a/v set.


NBCThe theme of the night is “disco”, and there will be some great prizes: a season’s pass to Whitewater Ski Resort for best Disco getup, a day of cat skiing at the legendary Retallack Lodge for drinking Faceplant, a new Special Blend winter jacket from Tribute Board Shop will go to someone for “being awesome” – plus tons of NBC gear. It’s a great wintery spin on one of our favourite long-standing Shambhala traditions. If you’re in the Kootenay area (or even if you wanna do an impromptu weekend trip), I highly recommend making it out for this one. Expect to see the Shambhala office crew out in full force.

Definitely looking forward to seeing the Funk Hunters this weekend and The Detour Podcast #02, set to come out next month! Sign up for their newsletter here:

Oh and AU / NZ – The Funk Hunters are headed your way in January / February 2014, hitting the Stacks On Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Splore Festival, and a number of other events and club shows. They’ve still got a couple last minute dates open to fill, so if you’re interested in having them play your town/club/festival/event, shoot their team a message at:

That’s it for now, Shambhalovlies!



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