Fort Knox Five – We Love to Bring Back The Funk

We Love to Bring Back the Funk (DC’s Finest Remix) – Fort Knox Five


LOVING this track!

This DC’s Finest Remix by Fort Knox Five puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. The FK5 boys have been heating up dancefloors with it all summer. Being lucky enough to catch FK5 at Shambs and a few times at / after Burning Man, I’ve seen it in action.

If you’ve listened to or downloaded the “DISTRIKT Burning Man 2013 Fort Knox Five Live DJ Set,” you’ll recognize “We Love to Bring Back the Funk” as the opening track. If you don’t already have this mix, download it right now. Especially if you walk, jog or run. I’m not kidding.

The DISTRIKT mix is a bit more “funky house / techno” than you’d normally expect from FK5, but that’s DISTRIKT’s thing – epic house-y day parties.

This very fact is what makes it perfect for walking, jogging and running – when this set was live, the audience was dancing in the mid-day heat of the desert. The result is a mix that is just the right tempo for blissful continuous movement without overexertion.

I’m not an athletic person.  Not by any means. But around the middle of October, I decided I wanted to start walking at least every other day. At first when this mix came out I was just excited to relive a little slice of Burning Man heaven. It went onto my iPhone, and I started listening to it while I walked. Then something unexpected happened – at some point, it seemed like a really good idea to start jogging. I’ve never had any inclination in my life to run / jog if I didn’t have to. My running experience is pretty limited to, “sh!t, I’m late for the bus.”

At first, I was really terrible – I’d jog for one song, then have to slow down and walk for one song. And go back and forth like that. And now, just a couple weeks later, I’m taking just a couple breaks every time I go out. I do listen to a few other mixes, but this one is definitely on heavy rotation. So download. And jog. Or have a one-person dance party in your living room. Whichever. : )

Oh yeah, and Fort Knox Five’s US / AU Fall tour kicks off today. Check the dates below.

Keep dancin’!



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